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pharahsgf  asked:

i know worst to best is an arbitrary concept but. if you had to rank our various lances from your favourite to least favourite, gun to your head... how would you do it


1. 80′s Lance: Best Boy

i love everything about this boy. everything. he owns my heart and soul. i love his paranoia, his snarky comments, his overwhelming concern for his friends, his hatred of lotor, his support of allura, his camraderie with keith. just…lance

2. VLD Lance: Goodest Boy

have you ever seen a gooder boy? i think we all know why i love vld lance by now. 

[picture redacted for the sake of your eyes, but this would be a screencap of him calling the red lion “kitty-cat” or telling keith “yeah i’m chilling on this asteroid behind you just waiting to fuck lotor’s shit up dw about it” or whining to nobody in particular “i believe i pointed that out before, but does anyone listen to lance? noooo.”]

3. V3D Lance: Dream Boy But Ugly

he was basically all my headcanons about 80′s lance (has ptsd, loves his lion, loathes lotor with every fiber of his being, in-text speculation about his “hunches”, protective of his friends, still has michael bell’s glorious voice…) and then some. he would be absolutely perfect if only he wasn’t horrifyingly animated in 90′s CGI. 

4. GoLion Lance: OG Spacefaring Kiss Boy

professional cat-wrangler, kind of an asshole, edgy teenager who is totally not scared of ghosts, fala’s feminist ally, gets away with murder because he’s adorable

5. VF Lance: Bourbon Uncle

he’s so done with this shit but he’ll still risk being frozen to death to save this kid whom he’s basically adopted and he totally hates it when he’s right (no he doesn’t) 

6. DDP Lance: Boy Who Deserved Better

because apparently, being a friendly, playful, chatty guy who volunteers to help a foreign planet with their agriculture is just soooooo annoying

i feel so fortunate to be able to stan for the same character in every continuity that he exists in. your fave could never. 

End Gayme music video

Female love interest stills continuation of part 1 but really part 4. I realized I missed some so wanted to put them in. I know confusing, haha

Just 2 ordinary gal pals dancing the end gayme dance^ side note: rad af hat😂

She’s very pretty^

I added the polaroid pic for clarity and because I missed this gem before. In the above we say taylor seemingly still looking at the polaroid and look at her face, she looks a little lovestruck if you ask me. Possibly you could even say maybe the girl took the pic so she could show it to her(she is looking pretty sultry in it). Not too mention future/her beard is there and she’s totally ignoring him cuz she’s too busy looking at her pretty gf. Oh gaylor I love you.🏳️‍🌈