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astle is picking up feminine products for Alexis or Martha (depending upon what age you want him to be) when some teenage boys start teasing him about it. Kate overhears and decides to pretend she is his girlfriend, kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for holding her stuff. (Not myn)

A/N: I get the impression that this was potentially meant as an AU meeting idea, but I hope this is still acceptable!

Set post 3x12, ‘Poof! You’re Dead”.


After their comfort food truck dinner, the urge to extend the evening, to refrain from telling her good night is almost visceral, desperate, and the excuse to remain with her awhile longer presents itself in the form of a text message from his daughter.

“Hey, do you mind if we stop by the drugstore on the way to my place, Alexis just texted me and wants me to pick something up for her,” Castle asks as they slide into her cruiser, internally delighted when Beckett nods her assent without hesitation. 

“Sure, is there a particular store she prefers?”

“Nah, anything on the way will work,” he assures her, buckling up while she starts the engine. 

They alternate between small talk and comfortable silence through the drive that takes longer than it should due to traffic, everything about this evening with her a comfort, and that single, dramatized word from his mother flashes through his mind.

He never would have thought something so simple could hold the magic he’d been looking for. 

Kate comes into the store with him, but they part ways for a bit while he wanders towards hygiene, striding towards the feminine products with familiar ease, glancing back to the text from Alexis on his phone to ensure he buys the right brand.

He hears the snicker of voices when he plucks the box of tampons from the shelf, catches sight of the two teenage boys peering at him from the other end of the aisle, cracking up as he snags another box to keep in stock. It doesn’t bother him, never has, but he does roll his eyes at the immaturity. 

“Hey, man, are you sure you got the right box?” one of them calls out. 

“Yeah, sure your girl doesn’t need the supers?” the other teases, but Castle merely nods. 

“I’m good, thanks.”

“You might want to take some of those mini diaper things too, the ones with the wings,” the first chuckles.

“You know, I might. I hear they’d be crucial for bandaging wounds in a zombie apocalypse,” Castle muses, his late nights of binging doomsday prepping shows coming in handy, but the two boys only laugh harder at him. 

“This dude’s pathetic,” he catches one of them get out through his amusement, and the words don’t hurt him - as if he’s going to care what some uneducated, fifteen year olds who spend their free time in a drug store think - but the memories of his own grade school years, before he figured out his niche as the class clown, it elicits are less than appreciated.

Rick checks his phone one more time, texts Alexis to be sure she doesn’t need anything else before he goes to find Beckett and check out, but he pauses at the touch of a hand to his shoulder just as he’s about to press ‘send’.

“Hey, babe,” Beckett hums at his side, her other arm twining through his and the scent of her perfume infiltrating his senses. 

Castle’s eyebrow arches, but it’s nothing compared to the spike of his heart rate when she leans into his side, plants a chaste kiss on his cheek.

“Thanks for holding my stuff,” she murmurs, snagging the boxes of tampons, dropping them into the small basket she’s acquired. 

He doesn’t spare a glance in their direction, but he notices the boys at the other end of the aisle have gone quiet, and he understands.

Beckett must have overheard and now she’s teaching them a lesson.

Castle plays along with the arm he wraps around her shoulders. “Anytime.”

She smirks and tugs him out of the aisle, but keeps her arm linked through his even once he’s withdrawn his and they’re out of their audience’s sight.

“My hero,” he chuckles, relishing in the soft sound of her laughter so close to his ear.

“I hate kids like that,” she mutters, curling her fingers in the crook of his elbow. “You’re a great example of how men should act when it comes to periods.”

Castle straightens his shoulders and puffs out his chest with pride. “The perks of being a single father raising a teenage daughter.”

“Alexis is a lucky girl,” she concedes, releasing him once they reach the register. 

“I used to do the same for my mother,” he shrugs as the employee scans his items. “People just like to make a big deal out of nothing.”

He stretches past her for the candy on display before he has to swipe his card, tosses her favorite brand of chocolate into his bag of purchases, and pays for the items.

Kate hums, the smile on her face soft but illuminating her face as they walk away from the counter, and he tries not to falter as her arm slips through his once more. The warmth of her side brushing his penetrates his coat as they step out into the night, his stride slow to prolong the moment, heating his skin, his soul. 

“Any girl would be lucky to have you then.”


Last year, I thought I could have it all, and then I thought I couldn’t. That I had to pick…. So I chose being Supergirl over having a relationship…. And then…, you came along…. And I thought you were thoughtless…, selfish. I kept writing you off, and you kept proving me wrong…. It just got me thinking…. 

Maybe I can have it all.