mine: 3x12


TV MEME [2/2 Quotes] Morgan Jones, Season 3 Episode 12: Clear

You gave me the gun. You triedYou tried to get me to do it cause I was supposed to do it, I was supposed to kill her, my Jenny. Knew I was supposed to but I, I let it go. Let it go like there wasn’t gonna be a reckoning. We was always looking for food, ya know, it always came down to food. And I was checking out a cellar, and I didn’t want Duane to come down there with me and then when I came up, she was standing there right in front of him, and he had his gun up, and he couldn’t do it. So I called to him, and he turned, and she was just, just on him. And I see red, I see red, everything is red, everything I see is red, and I do it.Finally, finally it was too late. I was supposed to. I was selfish. I was weak. You gave me the gun. Hey your boy, is he dead? “No.” No? He will be. See cause people like you, the good people, they always die. And the bad people do too, but the weak people, the people like me, we have inherited the earth.