mine: 322


I found the episode!!!


Room 322 in Hotel Zaza is a very strange room.

For one, it is not listed as a room in the Hotel’s website. It is also a third of the size as the other rooms. There is no carpet, the bed is held up with chains. This is also the only room with a brick wall as well. The mirror on that brick wall leads to the idea that it might be a two-way mirror.

322 is also the number for Skull and Bones Secret Society which explains the numerous skull pictures and stuff. There are other creepy pictures in the room as well, like the two girls in the pink dresses and dead eyes. Also, a picture of Jay Comeaux, who is the Pres. of Stanford Group Company.

Why does this room exist? What purpose does it serve?

I think the best thing I’ve ever done is date someone who was broken.

Here’s why. They’re scared and very fragile when you first meet them. Breaking them out of that shell is a challenge. They’re stubborn and don’t believe your compliments at first, which only makes you find different ways of showing that person how beautiful they really are. Little by little they begin receiving courage to express themselves to you, and you pay close attention to their every word, every action, what makes the happy, what makes them sad, even what makes them mad so you know what to do and what not to do. They become your sole priority. The more you learn about the person, the more you fall in love them. Seeing this person progress daily into something so beautiful. God, I was in love. Knowing you’re the reason behind their crooked smile, they say fake it till you make it, and you know they were no longer faking it. It was beautiful. You learn love is a beautiful thing. But just like a bird with a broken wing, who can only be consoled until it’s wing heals, she was the bird. Once the bird’s wing completely healed it flew away. That’s where you finally learn the beauty of love. How no matter what you do to try and maintain it, it’s never really yours to keep. The most it allows you is to admire it from far. It gives you previews of the emotions it brings. But that’s all it really is.