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buffy & willow per season: season 3

Willow: No. (hands Buffy a letter) I’m not going anywhere.
Buffy: UC Sunnydale?
Willow: I will be matriculating with Class of 2003.
Buffy: Are you serious?
Willow: Say, isn’t that where you’re going?
Buffy hugs her and they tumble onto the ground.
Buffy: I kind of love you.

Birthday Wishes

Iruka ducked under the curtain to be greeted as usual but this time some exta voices joined in.

“Oh, Naruto, Hinata-chan?” He was surprised to see them but happy too. “I guess it is a good day for ramen.”

“Actually, Kakashi-sama called and told us you might eat lunch here today,” Hinata shared around her new husband as Iruka sat down.

“He did?” Iruka blinked. Did Kakashi know him that well?

“Yeah! So we thought we’d have lunch with you, snensei!” Naruto said loudly, happily.

Ayame set their bowls down on the counter. “We’ll have yours right out, Iruka-san, happy birthday.”

Iruka laughed awkwardly, “tha-thank you.”

Naruto and Hinata smiled at him, clearly being the ones that ordered the third bowl before he even got there.

Naruto talked about where they were living now and maybe saving up to find a bigger place or a house.

Hinata chimed in once in awhile, she liked the coziness of their appartment. It wasn’t anything like the Hyuga compound.

He liked hearing those kinds of things. That they were happy.

“What about you and Kakashi-sensei?” Hinata asked while Naruto finished his third bowl himself.

He looked up with a mouth full of noodles. “Hm?”

“O-oh… um, we’ve talked about moving in together… but um- I like my apartment,” Iruak was turning shades of red, staring at his empty bowl.

“Why would you and Kakashi-sensei move in together?” Naruto asked with squinted eyes.

Hinata giggled and leaned in to whisper in his ear.


Iruka was confused as to why the sudden reaction. “Naruto, we all had dinner together,” he reminded. “At Kakashi’s.”

“Yeah, but Sakura-chan was there too!” Naruto argued.

Iruka laughed and shook his head. It wasn’t like they ever actually told anyone, just letting them figure it out on their own, apparently that didn’t work for Naruto.

So he wound up answering a lot more questions than he had anticipated durning the last of his lunch hour.

“Bye, Iruka-sensei!”

“Tell Kakashi-sama we said hello.”

“Happy birthday!”

He smiled the whole walk back to the academy.