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i was cleaning today and found my box with all my 2ne1 stuff in it. Lightstick, photocards, magazines, etc. Looking at it all I was hit with a fresh wave of admiration for them, for their hard work, talent, and kindness as individuals. I’ll forever be grateful for the masterful music they were able to give to us, and I’ll always believe in all of the members. They are special individuals and together they were an extremely powerful and one of a kind group. They broke boundaries and set new standards in a way no one else had done before them. Their influence spanned across not just Korea but the entire globe. Their music, image and messages spoke to all different kinds of people and made them feel like they didn’t have to be so lonely, as long as 2ne1 was around. To anyone; that was the group’s mantra. To anyone. No matter who you were, what you looked like, or where you were from, their music was for everyone. I still find it hard to come to terms with their premature disbandment, and it may not be something I will ever truly reconcile with. But there’s one thing I know for sure: their music will forever resonate in the hearts of their fans, guiding their way through the dark when they feel like there’s no way out. 

I sincerely believe there will never be anyone like them again, at least in our lifetime. The stars truly aligned to allow the four of them to perform as one. 

CL, Dara, Bom and Minzy were the be all, end all for me.

 I’ll never love anyone more than 2ne1. 

PSA: Girl Groups are amazing.

I was scrolling thought instagram today and I saw a comment on how essentially girl groups are shit, and while I can respect someone’s opinion I’d just like to give mine as well. (Original comment below) I don’t know where this comment came from, but I’d like to address it anyway, even if it was somehow fake because I’ve seen comments and statements like these before.

I’d just like to open everyone’s eyes to the amazingness girl groups have. (Also, this is just a few of the amazing performances from girl groups, there are a lot more.)

Some amazing and powerful dances performed by girl groups: 

Black Widow, Performed by Pristin

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Boombayah, Performed by BlackPink 

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Fingertip, Performed by GFriend

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Crazy, Performed by 4Minute 

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Some Amazing Female Rappers: 

Amber (f(x))

an amazing and beautiful singer as well

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CL (formerly 2ne1)

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Hwasa (Mamamoo) 

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Some girl groups who have branched out into different and cooler concepts:

Red Velvet Happiness

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Twice Like OOH-AHH

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They have zombies for crying out loud.


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f(x) Red Light

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Some BOMB vocalists:

Taeyeon (snsd)

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Luna (f(x))

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Minzy (Recently debuted as a soloist, former member of 2ne1)

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Wendy (Red Velvet)

(Hasn’t had a solo yet but the girl can sing like damn. as well as the rest of RV)

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Hyolyn (Sistar) 

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I could go on forever but this is getting too long

And now I present to you: girl groups being awesome and themselves.

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I could go on and on for ever but my basic message is: It’s fine if you don’t like girl groups. Everyone has their thing. But calling girl groups untalented?? Nuh uh. Totally completely untrue. And besides, there’s nothing wrong with cute and sexy concepts, I actually like them most of the time. If you didn’t like girl groups before, I hope you can and will now. Girl groups work just as hard as boy groups and can be extremely creative. There’s soooooOOOooOOo many groups and singers that are so super talented, way more that just this small list.

I’ll end it here. Hope everyone can stop hating on girl groups now.

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