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Any advice for a 23 year old lesbian who has literally no experience with dating/sex/relationships about how to get into the dating pool?

Hi there!

I’m gonna be straight forward: the best way to get out there is to get out there. Go on facebook, check out if there are any LGB events close to you, figure out what is the kind of environment you’re comfortable in (a pub versus a club versus a bar, for example).

If you aren’t comfortable looking for facebook LGB/lesbian groups (which is understandable, since facebook usually showcases so much of your personal info), you might wanna check out some dating apps. I hear OKCupid is a good option. Always be careful of possible males who could come up, filter your options well.

Online dating can be just the thing, but always put safety first. If you’re meeting someone irl, tell someone close where you’re going and how long you expect to stay there.

As for sex advice, you can check out our lil master post (x) and for dating advice, we have the [dating tag].

I hope this helps a little! Let us know if you need anything else, and good luck!

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