mine: 1k


pro: has nose
con: wears sunglasses at night

pro: height intimidates opponents
con: looks like a sex toy

Gurdy (alt. form)
pro: scary!
con: scary :(

pro: lorge
con: none. he is perfect


How important is the fashion side of your music? I think that visual art in all aspects are super important to me, whether it be throughout the creation of my videos or my album artwork. Creating strong visual representation of not only myself but, again, black women, and getting to see us as avant-garde beings in a world that sometimes puts us in a box is really important to me.

pokemon scientist: it was born from mew…. we shall call it Mewtwo

lab assistant: Max, your son’s on the phone for you

scientist [answering phone]: Maxtwo, I told you. daddys busy at the lab today