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Bellamy, if you can hear me, if you’re alive. It’s been 2,199 days since priamfaya. I don’t know why I still do this every day. Maybe it’s way of staying sane, not forgetting who I am…who I was. It’s been safe for you to come down for over a year now. Why haven’t you?

Dedicated to this person because it’s her birthday.

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Okay, this got a bit longer than expected. Fingers crossed I didn’t make too many mistakes. But I still like it… Hope you do too! Also, warning to violence :D

Prompt: “I really don’t want to fight you.”

He’s sitting outside her cell, guarding her like everyone else did for a couple of hours and it breaks his heart. Ten minutes in his shift and realizes why the other didn’t want him to do that. He cares to damn much for her and she can easily take advantage of it.

She’s been throwing the cell’s furniture around for the last five minutes, screaming to let her go, to tell her where she is but they can’t. Not until Raven finds a way to take Alie’s chip out of her head.

He has his eyes closed, facing the bars of her cell and trying to block the crashing sounds of the furniture she throws around. He doesn’t know for long he can last before breaking in tears and opens the door to get in and stop her.

Suddenly he can’t hear anything but sobs and he snaps his eyes open. For a moment he can’t find her in the room but quickly he sees her small form near the far corner of the room. She’s on her knees, sitting back on her hills and rocking herself back and forth, eyes shut closed and both hands holding her temples.

Bellamy immediately pushes himself off the wall he was leaning against and runs to the bars holding them apart. “Clarke!” he calls but she ignores him, keep moving her torso back and forth, “Clarke, are you okay?”

When she answers, her voice is small, cracking and it reminds him of the old Clarke, the one he hadn’t seen for a couple of weeks before this girl can in camp and tried to kill his friends, “Get her out of my head” she whispers, followed by a scream.

Before he can say anything, Clarke’s body falls backwards and she starts thrusting around like she’s fighting someone off of her. Without thinking about it a second time, he unlocks the door and runs to her.

“Clarke! Clarke, it’s me! Bellamy!” He says, trying to reach for her face but she keep pushing his hands away.

“Bellamy, no! Stay away from me! She is there-” she points behind him, “Alie is behind you!” she screams.

He wastes only a moment to glance behind him but it’s enough. Clarke’s sudden scream makes him turn around again and he sees her falling limp on the floor, eyes closed but still breathing.

“Clarke?” He whispers, leaning above her and cupping her face. “Clarke, can you hear me?”

His heart is beating like crazy for every second he doesn’t get an answer from her. He opens his mouth to talk to her again but out of nowhere, she lands a fist on his cheek, making him fall on his side. Before he can register what is going on, Clarke pulls her leg up and kicks him away, sending him back against the flipped table.

It’s takes him a few seconds to realize what is going on. When he opens his eyes, Clarke is standing above him, her hands forming fists and is staring down at him.

“Clarke…” he shakes his head, tears blurring his vision. How did he let that happen to her? He should have been there for her…

They spend a few moments just staring at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move but nothing. Clarke’s head is shaking, like his friend is trying to fight away the chip and he slowing, with the help on the table, he pushing himself up, eyes glued on the girl in front of him.

“Clarke-” he never gets to finish his sentence because her fist flies against his cheek again, making him to lose his balance but keep himself up.

Her head is still shaking and still looking at him. For a moment it stops moving and she really looks in his eyes. For a moment he can see the old Clarke in there. “Fight back Bell…” she mouths and immediately lifts her hand up, like Alie took over her body again.

Bellamy manages to block the third punch, catching her fist before it finds its target and with a quick move Lincoln taught him, he turns her around, pinning her against the wall with her hand behind her back.

“Please, Alie, just let her go.” he says, voice cracking at the end, “Let her go…”

Clarke shakes her head, “I will,” she says with Alie’s voice, “As soon  as you give me the commander’s chip, I will let her go.”

A tear falls down on Bellamy’s cheek because he knows they can’t give her that. He doesn’t have a choice here. He hates it because he knows Alie will just kill Clarke as soon as she gets the chip.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers and let go of her with one hand to grab the handcuffs from his belt. And a couple of seconds later, he’s on the floor again, his side screaming from where Clarke’s elbow hit him.

She’s standing tall above him again, staring at him with a look he never saw on her face before. She’s looking at him with pity. “You’re weak, pathetic” she says walking towards him while he crawls away from her, “You couldn’t save your mother, you couldn’t save your sister or Lincoln. Do you really think you can save me?”

Bellamy shakes his head, trying to keep these hurtful thought away from his head. Now it’s not the time to blame himself for everything, to break down. He needs to keep himself together until this madness is over. Until Clarke is free and safe.

“I- I really don’t want to fight you, Clarke” he says, holding a hand up in front of her face.

The girl in front of him laughs, making his heart break because it’s been so long since he heard Clarke laughing and now it’s just not the right time to hear that sound that makes him feel butterflies in his stomach again. It should be because of his bad jokes, not Alie trying to play with him.

“Too bad I want to fight you then.” she says and pulls her leg back to kick him but Bellamy manages to grab her leg.

With a quick thrust, he pulls it back with him, making Clarke fall on the floor with a loud bang. Then he only has a few seconds to get to the door and lock his friend inside again. Once he hears the click, he falls backwards against the opposite wall and buries his face in his folded to his chest knees, crying and trying to calm down. “I’m sorry.” he whispers, “I’m so sorry I let this happen to you…” he murmurs over and over again. 

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