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“Warrior” teaser long version


if yall havent seen 100%s newest comeback yall need to rn 10/10 would recommend
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[ENG SUB] The Real 100% 2017 Ranking 100% members for fun Part 2 (Cuteness warning)


okay so today at shcool i walked in late AS USUAL right with panic! at the disco blasting in my earbuds and one of the fuckboys in my class said “hey look the emos finally here listening to her emo cutter music” and the shy quiet girl in the class stands up and PUNCHES the fuckboy SQAUER IN THE FACE and came up 2 me and hugged me and handed me panic! at the disco tickets. the whole class stood up and applauded. the fuckboy applauded. the teacher applauded. the class pet appalled. the panic at the disco tickets applauded. brendon urie applauded. the door applauded. my earbuds applauded.

There is a special Running man episode coming

There will be 100 celibrities in teams. This is what I know so far:

Purple team: 100%, 4 of KNK, 24K (including Hongseob and Changsun), BESTie (this team is complete I guess)
Yellow team: Topp Dogg
Orange team: Monsta X without Shownu & Jooheon, KNK’s Seungjun aka the traitor lmao
Red team: Jooheon & Shownu, VIXX’ Hyuk, Ken and Ravi
Blue team: Madtown, few of Gugudan (idk who, idk how many), ALLSTAR (independent group)
Pink team: Snuper, Bigstar, few of gugudan
Sky team: Halo, few of Gugudan (idk who, idk how many)

I know DIA is somewhere too probably and I am really confused about Gugudan, are they completely split up?

Will update!