mine: *nsync


James Corden, Jordan Peele, and Nick Kroll formed a very honest boy band in the 90s: Thr33way

Rant rant rant i need to rant

I love jt, i really do. God knows how much i do.

But you have got to be KIDDING me if you believe that he was genuinely the best singer in nsync above jc!!!!!

Yes, it definitely looks like i’m biased, given that i am team jc 100%, but listen to ANY of their songs (except gone, bc we all know wtf happened there) and i dare you to try and imagine justin singing jc’s verses and adlibs. Idk about y'all, but it isn’t working out in my head at all. And that’s not to say that justin can’t sing…he definitely can. He’s definitely above average. BUT. Jc has 4 octaves, and jt even admittedly states that jc was the best singer and could outsing anyone from any of the boybands of their time. Like. Y'all worship the dude but can’t seem to respect his actual opinion that jc was the better singer lmao

And honestly foh with all the “if jc was so good, where is he now” shit. Irrelevant. “Success” is not synonymous with talent. And we all know that in this industry, talent means nothing without proper management and proper marketing. Clearly jc got the bad end of the stick here because if talent was all he needed to be a successful solo artist, then i’d bet that this wouldn’t even be a question.

I just feel like jc deserves so much more respect than he is getting nowadays because the man is one of the most vocally talented people i’ve ever heard. He’s constantly overshadowed by his former bandmate because “his first album flopped so he clearly sucks.” Please take a step back and reassess why jt is on top (there are so many reasons, and only maybe one of those reasons is his vocal ability bc if that’s all it was, jc wouldn’t be “the other guy” from nsync).

I have so much more to say about this but i really should stop here before this turns into a 5-page essay. Might get tons of backlash but i firmly believe that jc outshines a LOT of people vocally. Just…please give jc the praise and respect he deserves -.-