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1.How did you discover Jak and Daxter?

Sadly i didn’t grow up with the series as a kid,meaning i missed out on the glory of well growing up with it.And well i never had my hands on the games.

I recall though that 2-3 years ago i found myself a let’s player on youtube, after watching let’s plays of Crash Bandicoot because i wanted too since it was a game from my early childhood And well looking about on them i sore TPL.So i went ahead and watched it, too which i practically enjoyed.Before so i knew nothing about Jak and Daxter and gosh should of seen me when i watched Jak 2 and jak 3.

Though i’m sure that’s how i came too know about them, i may of actually played the games before so or well just owned them.

but whatever my love for the troublesome two grew from there.

These two dorks.


I did the Turret voices for Rantis’ new cute little Portal video. ;)

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