I just remembered back in March (I think) I was looking through Cole’s instagram profile, I hadn’t started Riverdale yet. Then I saw the lovely ‘Golden Girl in Flower Field’ photo (I thought I was really creative coming up with that, but it’s the Lili picture) and I immediately thought it was his girlfriend. Out of all the women he has photographed, she’s the one.


Okay, not mather how much proof there is, we can’t be a 100% sure they are dating. Even though we would like to belive it!
And we shouldn’t pressure them, because its annoying for them constantly getting told to do this and that with eachother. We need to respect their privacy. I love coming on Tumblr seeing fans investigate, please keep doing that! But don’t comment on their Instagram saying that they should date or something.
With all that being said, whether they are dating or not, we can’t deny their connection. Both in their friendship and as a couple (bughead). They have a special dynamic and when they look at eachother its like they are the only ones in the room. I think its very beautiful.
They have a speciel chemistry. We can see it in their acting and when they’re not.

Anyway, I hope this rant made just a little sence. I love both of them and I’m such a sucker for Bughead and Sprousehart (so ofc I have my fingers crossed, Ahah)