when harry turned four, his face fell when he saw that there was no cake for him, that his presents were hand-me-downs, that he didn’t get a party with the other kids his age. the dursleys told him they simply couldn’t afford two parties in one year, and harry threw a fit

when harry turned six, he forgot his own birthday. because he had no friends to celebrate, and no reason to remember, he spent half the day going along as he usually would. when the dursleys told him he’d get a new bedroom for his birthday, harry’s face lit up with joy. when they directed him to the cupboard under the stairs, he pretended to be grateful. that night he tried not to cry as the spiders crawled around him

when harry turned ten, he knew not to beg for a party or presents. he was bitter when he saw all of dudley’s presents, and he knew money wasn’t the issue anymore. instead he’d go out and walk by shops, imagining all the things he’d have liked for his birthday, knowing he’d never get them. he considered smuggling a cat he found near his house as his own gift to himself, but instead just sat and played with it for a few hours. when he got home late he was scolded and told to go to bed without supper

when harry turned eleven, he had no clue it would be the day that changed his life. he had never expected eleven to become his favorite number, because of what it represented. he was willing to take any opportunity to get away, to be with someone who acknowledged his presence


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