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My thoughts are absolutely with the family during this time, but I want to be sure you know my thoughts are with all of you too. Don’t feel ashamed or frustrated or whatever if you are emotionally affected by this. Whether we have met him or not, it felt like he was someone we knew, even in a small way, and it is natural to feel that loss.

Please take care of yourself. In whatever way is best for you. It’s okay to feel the way you do and you know best what you need. Look after yourself. You’re important and need care as well. I love you, and if you need it, this is me sending you the warmest hug. Once you’re done, send it on to their family and it will be like a mental wave of love being sent to them. Hopefully when they most need it they can feel our support that way too.


Benedict Cumberbatch as Shezza in Sherlock series 3

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black (4B, 6B carbon pencils) and Prismacolor Verithin coloured pencils on 5 X 8 Strathmore toned tan paper. 


Gif source:  Pack

Imagine roasting marshmallows on a summer night with the pack.

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The bonfire gave off a pleasant heat despite the scorch that had lasted throughout the day. As the summer sun fell, the moon rose, and the heat had somewhat dissipated enough for a bonfire to become a reality.

“Here,” Jackson offers you the marshmallow bag which you take with a grateful nod, excitement and hunger eating at you as you anticipated the flavor of the soon-to-be-roasted marshmallow.

Getting a handful, you hand off the bag to Stiles on the opposite side of you and he does the same with a teasing, “Thanks, homie!”

Derek looks at the two of you and rolls his eyes, “Think you two got enough?”

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Isak gets high w/ jonas and mentions his ex-crush on jonas casually and jonas is SHOOKTH

hello! i don’t know how this happened, but this ended up very differently to how you prompted it…. i’m sorry? hope you enjoy anyway! (sidenote: sorry that i can’t seem to let go of evilde and pan!mahdi)


“I don’t know, guys,” Magnus says, blowing out smoke. “Maybe I am bisexual. I mean I read somewhere that it usually turns out that sometimes a whole group of friends turns out to be gay, like they find each other by the power of gaydar or something.”

Isak hasn’t taken his head out of his hands for the entire time that Magnus has been talking. He’s even discovered that he can smoke with one hand over his eyes.

“I’m not gay, Mags,” Jonas points out. “Or bi, or pan, or anything.”

“Are you sure, though? I mean, since we’ve been a squad, we’ve had isak come out, and then Mahdi, and now Vilde and Eva. What if we’re all just gay?”

“Listen, Mags,” Mahdi says, sounding ridiculously patient, despite everything Mags is saying. “Just because you’re heartbroken, doesn’t mean you can’t still be straight.”

“But maybe I want to be gay!” he says, sounding a little like a petulant child.

“It’s not a fucking choice, Mags,” Isak sighs at him. “Honestly, what are you trying to achieve?”

“Well, I just-” Magnus stops and looks off into the distance for a moment, deep in thought. “Because I think Penetrator Chris is hot, right? And i thought, you know, maybe that’s just objective, but maybe it’s not! Maybe I actually wanna bang him?”

“No-one wants to bang Penetrator Chris,” says Jonas, bitterly. “Not unless their standards are through the floor.”

“Dude, your ex-girlfriend was banging Penetrator Chris,” says Mahdi. “Don’t be a dickhead.”

Jonas scowls.

A minute passes in silence, and then Mahdi pulls out his phone. “Here,” he says, “I’m gonna google “how to tell if you’re bisexual.” and we can work it out.”

Isak tunes the rest of the conversation out, because honestly? He’s too high to listen to this shit. He vaguely registers Mahdi asking Magnus questions like “do you fantasize about boys and girls?” and “do you watch gay porn?” but he gets lost in his own thoughts until he picks up on another of Mahdi’s questions.

“Have you ever had a crush on one of your guy friends?”

“What?” Magnus exclaims. “That’s a thing?”

“Of course that’s a thing, Magnus,” Isak can’t keep his mouth shut anymore. “Do you think gay people just don’t have crushes on anyone?”

“Well, no,” says Magnus, “but on friends?”

Isak raises an unamused eyebrow at Magnus. “Who else would you have a crush on? Was Vilde not your friend?”

“Well, I mean, I guess, but that’s different, isn’t it?”


“Oh,” Magnus says, and then falls silent for a minute, before his face lights up, and Isak sighs, before he even speaks. “So did you have a crush on one of us?”


“Oh my god, you did! Who was it?”


“Yeah, but,” Mags continues, undeterred. “Before that. Did you have a crush on any of us?”

“I barely knew you before that.”

“You knew Jonas, though.” Ah, shit.

Isak attempts a casual shrug, hoping that Mags is too high to draw any conclusions from this. He isn’t.

“Holy shit! You had a crush on Jonas!”

“Did you?” Jonas asks, looking at Isak strangely, the beginnings of a smile forming on his face.


Mahdi snorts. “Awesome.”

Jonas looks impressed, nodding his head slowly and raising his eyebrows in slight surprise.

“When?” he grins at Isak, who rolls his eyes.

“Like, two years ago, dude.”

“I’m not bothered, Isak,” Jonas says quickly, still grinning. “It’s just unexpected, is all.”

Isak rolls his eyes and looks down at the floor, remembering the mess he made of Eva and Jonas’ relationship and hoping that Jonas won’t push the subject any further. “So Mags, are you bi or not?”

Jonas clears his throat loudly. “Don’t change the subject, Isak. I’m gonna need you to boost my ego more, how long did you have a crush on me?”

Isak clears his throat, embarrassed, and then lifts his phone up. “Oh, would you look at that, my boyfriend who i am in a happy and loving relationship with needs me to go home right now, I’ll see you guys later.”

He can hear the other boys laughter follow him as he leaves.

For @mockingbird-22, Happy birthday! Mobster AU. This is based off this post you made, which I swear I’m still planning to write for you!

Summary:  Barry grinned as he watched his Lenny’s eyes widen in wonder and amazement. Watched as his Lenny took in the high end hotel, the tailor made clothes already sorted and put in the proper place.

Smirking as he leaned back, Barry was content to simply watch and listen as Len marveled at things he’d only dreamed about up till now. Barry would give this man, his Lenny the world, and damn any who tried to stop him.