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Best things of 2014 (x)

↳  Veronica Mars Movie

Dad always said this town could wreck a person. It’s what happens when you play a rigged game. I convinced myself winning meant getting out. But in what world do you get to leave the ring and declare victory? This is where I belong. In the fight. It’s who I am. I’ve rolled around in the mud for so long… wash me clean and I don’t recognize myself. So, how about I just accept the mud? And the tendency I have to find myself rolling in it? My name is Veronica, and I’m an addict.”

So………my mind is blown. I know its okay to feel like this because Rob Thomas told me those very same words. No one could have ever expected this kind of response, after all these years. I had never lost hope for a reunion, but a movie? I have to tell you, I was completely unprepared. I’m usually the guy who always has something to say, so the fact that I sound this silly sitting here trying to write an IAmA post..I normally comfortably browse Reddit for LoL/SC2 everyday, if anyone would have told me I’d see VM on the frontpage in 2013…OK, I feel obligated to reach back out to the community that has made this possible, by showing so much love, support, and loyalty as to “Break Kickstarter Records” and personally, remind me of just how much Veronica Mars meant to me. This show saved my life years ago and it looks like its gonna do it again. (I know I said that in the other thread, sorry) And the craziest thing is its only day TWO! The possibilities, the stuff running through my head as I read Rob’s emails over and over… (That’s mean, I know) I was going to just write a blog entry on franciscapra.com but I really just need to talk to somebody, seriously. :) I always said we had the greatest fans any cast could ever ask for, this week, you guys showed the world just how real those claims were. I sound ridiculous, so I really hope someone else comes in here and shows me up. I gotta call Jason or rowanceleste, brb. I promise to be more composed when I return.
—  Francis Capra about the Veronica Mars Movie