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Have you considered... A Skeleton War AU eue


pro-war: lance, keith, pidge

anti-war: shiro*, hunk

morbidly curious: allura, coran

*gets sucked into it anyways, he’s Weak

lance is a halloween fanatic and starts celebrating halloween the MOMENT labor day is over and there’s no other holiday in sight (columbus WHO??? lance doesn’t know him, bye). he’s on that shit. and of course this means he’s super pro-skeleton war bring it on he is Ready. It is debatable what side he’s on in the war though. he claims he’s on the side of humanity but…he has a skeleton in him and he seems a bit TOO happy about that…

as for keith, he’s not in it for halloween (its an alright holiday but not his main motivation) he’s in it for the skeletons he’s got tons of conspiracies linked tot he skeleton war and he’s very enthusiastic about it surprisingly and he and lance argue about which side is better cause keith is very pro-skeleton and suspects that lance is too but only says he’s on the side of humanity so he can banter with keith (which…is true…this is exactly what lance is doing….lance plz…)

pidge is a paradox because she’s all about science but when it comes to self-animating skeletons she is ALL for that and wants the Chaos of a potential skeleton war so she can sneak into their ranks and control them from within. pidge is not team human or team skeleton. she’s team pidge. she’s got an entire war-plan laid out already. lance and keith are Afraid.

shiro just wants this to End. “lance, keith plz no more fighting. pidge stop encouraging/recording them. you guys…plz…skeletons can’t even move how will they start a war. you guys we ALL HAVE SKELETONS IN US YOU GUYS COME ON. if anything we’d all join the skeletons eventually.” all eyes are now on him. lance looks betrayed, keith looks triumphant, pidge slowly raises her phone to start recording again…he realizes his Mistake too late. he’s invested in this now. does having a skeleton automatically draft you to their side of the war? do we have any say? the debate rages on into the night…

hunk is anti-war not because he’s a non-believer but because he is scared. he doesn’t have like, a phobia or anything, but the idea of walking, war-waging skeletons gives him the heebie jeebies. lance avoids talking about it around him at least. he’s got his bros back. at least until keith mentions it at dinner once and lance and keith nearly start a food fight over it. hunk just covers his ears and starts quietly screaming.

allura and coran don’t know what the heck is going on. allura knows better thanks to shiro warning her, but lance has poor coran convinced that the skeleton war is an actual yearly thing that happens on earth. allura says nothing because no harm no foul and she’s curious as to how long it will take coran to figure out lance is bluffing. lance starts feeling sorta bad about lying when coran comes to him all starry-eyed asking him about details and historical significance and “wow earthling biology truly is fascinating thank you so much for sharing with me lance!”

Les Mis has so many cast recordings for different productions which is great because you can choose exactly how you want to listen to it. you can choose your favorite cast and listen to them exclusively or you can listen to a different cast every day and hear the music with a different perspective. the diversity between all the different recordings is so great and it makes the musical so dynamic even if you can’t go see it. my point is hamilton should make a Chicago cast recording