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Even as the sun dipped below the orange horizon, heat pressed into Marinette like a thick pillow until she felt she would suffocate. She lay prone on her balcony, staring up at the sky as the last of the orange dusk was overcome with inky blue. Sweating with the effort, Marinette pushed up on her elbow and stretched with her other arm for her soda. Her fingertips brushed the glass bottle, still cool, and she brought it to her lips for a drink.

A groan rose from the pile of catsuit next to her.

“Mariii,” Chat Noir whined softly, “can you grab mine, too?”

She shot an annoyed look over her shoulder, but it faltered when she saw him lying flat on his front, spread eagled. He looked ready to sink into the floor and melt right into her bedroom below. 

Marinette stretched a little further to snag his bottle by the neck and deposited it in front of him. He perked up and smiled with gratitude.

“Thanks, Mari,” he said as he took a sip.

“No problem, Kitty,” Marinette replied with a tired smile. As he drank, she sank a hand into his curls to ruffle his hair, only to snatch it back with a yelp when she found them drenched with sweat.

“Ew, Chat!” She gave him a nudge with her toe and swiped her hand on her shorts.

“Sorry,” he replied as he turned on his side to face her, “it’s so damn hot.”

“I know I am,” Marinette mumbled sleepily, and all it earned her was a begrudging snort.

“Cute, Princess.”

As the last of the daylight fell away, all she could see were his lenses, glowing green in the darkness. It should have been eerie, but Marinette found the light soothing, like a nightlight from her childhood. Her eyelids started to droop as she repeated, “I know I am.”

“Can’t argue there,” Chat replied with a wink. Marinette closed her eyes and hummed. She could just fall asleep up here; her parents were out of town and would be none the wiser if she slept under a blanket of starlight.

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yall. i get that you like your youtube idols. i love mine, too! but i think this needs to be reiterated for newer fandom-goers:

Do not stalk your idols.

Do not show up at their workplace.
Do not try to find where they live.
Do not add them on Facebook (following public posts is fine!).
This kind of shit is super disrespectful, and can make the people you idolize uncomfortable and wary as well as put you in a bad light.
It’s not cool or funny to put your idol in a shitty situation.

she guessed my favorite color first try..

but between me and u……. i didnt even have a favorite color until she yelled out yellow!! she was hella excited n smiling like a little kid. so i told her she was right and i havent seen yellow the same since, its in everything. i could probably live in it now.

this is for you @eversince-newyork

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You main Junkrat, correct? Any tips for someone trying to climb with him in competetive? (if you don't main junkrat you can just ignore this, i thought i saw that somewhere)

I do in fact main junkrat!

and in comp, junkrat is PRIME for places with good chokes, so anubis, echienwalde, and kings row are VERY good for him because he has such zone control. Use him to funnel the enemy team where you want and/or block them off from a path

that trap is a FABULOUS warning system, put it in a blind spot you have or and area that can be flanked. even if they destroy the trap, you now know where they are. Put a mine there too just if you do trap em, its and easy kill on squishy characters

speaking of mines, use that shit as a mobility. I play junkrat almost 50% of the time in the air. It helps you get out of sticky situations a lot. AND it is and EXCELLENT two shot with your grenade, I tend to kill Pharahs this way.

Junkrats burst damage and delay damage are EXCELLENT in comp but you MUST practice on how to aim with him a little. I mean I suck at aiming overall but I am pretty damn good at predicting the lobbing my grenade does and how to bank off walls. That delay damage is super great if you can surprise them with it. My strat in defense in eichenwald is to shoot on the roof BEHIND the enemy at the first choke, the grenades then roll down and do damage from behind the usual rein shield

for riptire, that ult is really squishy and get killed easily so dont go lookin for big ults, just get a kill and get back in the game. Your job usually is to pick off the mercy with it or to get a tank with it and make her use her rez so your teammates can use theirs after

a lot of people are going to ask you to switch and i usually just say ‘lets see their lineup first’, if they got a pharah, i switch right after i die. she is a HARD counter to him. Roadhog is also tough, he can heat up those grenades and kill you very easily if you cant dodge him. BUT if not, then just do a good job, get lotsa trash damage kills and they become fine with it lol

Saving You

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Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Requested: Anonymous

Summary: You help the Shadowhunters escape and Alec wants to know why

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Camille went too far this time. She took a mundane and fed him her blood. This was on the verge of breaking the accords and you wanted no part of it. You wanted to get rid of the mundane before any Shadowhunters came looking for him.

It was one night that you were trying to figure out a way to get the mundane out without being caught by the other vampires while Camille was out doing whatever it is she does but unfortunately for you Shadowhunters were here to get back what is there’s. You snuck downstairs to the basement where two of them came through.

One was a girl with raven coloured hair who was wearing a red dress and had a whip. The other one was a guy who looked similar to the girl, in that they could be related. He was tall and had a bow and arrow. They were locked behind a door whilst a hoard of vampires tried to get in and attack. You however didn’t want to attack, you wanted to help them. You knew that by doing so you would be probably cast out of the Hotel Dumort but it was a risk you were willing to take.

Behind the door from the two Shadowhunters you were silently attacking the hoard at the door from behind, one by one to try and thin out the crowd. Alec looked at his sister in confusion. “Are you hearing this?” He asked.

“Yeah, it sounds like someone is helping us.” Izzy replied. When they finally got through the door Izzy and Alec immediately got into action taking down the remaining vampires. Alec noted that there is less vampires now than there was before. That’s when he saw you taking one down that was incoming towards him. You both made eye contact. When you did you used your vamp speed to get out of there, not wanting to be asked any questions or for your people to find out what you did.

The Shadowhunters got Simon out and all was good. No one suspected you helped them. Ever since that night though Alec hasn’t stopped thinking about you. All he think about is why you helped them when it was them who broke in and attacked your home. He decided to go to the Hotel Dumort in hopes of seeing you again. Night after night you didn’t show and night after night he didn’t give up.

You finally caved in and met him outside one night. “You just don’t give up, do you Shadowhunter?” You asked as you walked through the shadows. Alec drew is weapon and aimed it at you. You raised your eyebrows at this action but didn’t seem fazed by it. “What are you doing? I thought you wanted to see me or unless you have some other vampire you’re seeing or you just like the architecture of the place?” Alec put his weapon down when he saw it was you, breathing a sigh of relief.

“No, no it’s you I came to see.” He told you.

“Speak then. I haven’t got all day.” You smirked at your own joke.

“I just wanted to know why you helped us when you didn’t have to.”

“Well, contrary to popular belief I don’t blindly follow a leader if I don’t agree with them.” You told him. “Camille shouldn’t have taken the mundane in the first place. I just wanted to ensure he got out alive. Along with you and the other Shadowhunters.”

“Thank you. It’s nice to see that there is still some honest and decent vampires.” Alec thanked you.

“I could say the same about Shadowhunters.” You smiled. “I should probably get going but next time we should meet somewhere else away from the hotel.”

“Next time?” Alec asked.

“Yeah next time. I want to hear about all of your cool missions you go on.” You said before handing him your number and heading back inside. Alec looked down at the number and smiled to himself before going back himself.

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Seventeen year old Scott is breaking my heart

Aww, thank you. He’s breaking mine too ಥ‿‿ಥ I sat and thought about where he’d be at this point in his life and it’s like, the poor lad’s been through hell. Losing a parent you were close to changes you and you lose a whole chunk of yourself that you never get back. You have to paper over that gaping wound and carry on because everybody else needs you to, and he’s got to keep going to get into the Academy.

There’s too much on that poor boy’s shoulders. Somebody hug him, quick.

😭 😭 😭

“Well that was a fun ‘fight’ wasn’t it, Medex?”


“Don’t like the nickname much? Well ‘Metal Credexen’ is pretty long in my opinion, so I hope ya don’t mind!”


“I’m realizing you don’t talk much. If you don’t like socializing that’s okay! I’ll do the talkin’ for ya, in a way! Oh, by the way, you gotta get back to that eggnut pretty soon, right?”


“Ah, I see. Welp, it was really nice talking to you Medex! I honestly hope we can meet again someday. Up top!”


“Oh, don’t like high fives huh? How about a fist bump then?? See, you just curl your fist and them bump it against mine. Not too hard though, don’t wanna hurt nobody right?”

“..[Nod nod]”

“Have a good day, y’hear?”

“…[you too.]”

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Just wanna say I'm just now coming across your mercy kill art and omg pls continue it hurts my heart but I love them anyways 😭💜💜👌👌

Ah thank you! Sorry for breaking your heart but I am breaking mine in the process too if that makes you feel any better haha!