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Reasons to love Dean Winchester: How he makes up cute nicknames for things and the little smile he gets when he makes a joke. Side note: Dean deserves to see someone genuinely amused with his jokes, because they are adorable and funny and I want him to be validated and loved.

I love his cute nicknames! And oh, here, have some Benny appreciating Dean’s penchant for monster mashups: 

Sam Winchester Appreciation Week | day 6: favorite meta

  When Sam accidentally runs over Riot in S8, I think he was trying to kill himself.  But injuring the dog gave Sam a responsibility to take care of Riot so he stayed alive.  Then he met Amelia, who also experienced a great loss and I think they both clung to each other for support.

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Young!Mary and s12 Mary don’t seem like the same character at all. I did not see Mary Winchester in s12 but her evil double. I always thought s11 Mary was soulless or something. I am gonna continue to think that. It is more enjoyable to think of it like this.


I was convinced for the entire season (until it became clear it was just a very weird writing/showrunning choice) that Mary was either soulless or Dean was really in The Empty and she was a just a construct in his mind. I couldn’t figure out any other reason why she was completely devoid of emotions, or compassionate feelings toward her sons. She stood there and watched Dean tear up over saying he was never a child and she just looked more annoyed lol.  Same when Dean gave her that big speech and she offered not one iota of comfort. I still can’t wrap my head around Mary’s lack of emotions this season, and I don’t think I ever will be able to make my peace with it.