Sastiel Drabble

For marshmallowsam they requested head canon’s for their birthday. I was going to leave this in you in-box but it got too long so I guess it is more of a drabble then a head canon. (I apologize if it is awful it was done on my mobile).


Sometimes Cas will knock on Sam’s bedroom door and ask if he wants to go for a drive. This usually happens after Sam has been locked away researching for hours.

The first time Sam had asked if it was for a hunt but Cas just shook his head. There is a part of him that thinks he should stay and keep researching but seeing the hopeful look in the angel’s eyes changes his mind and Sam says yes.

They drive aimlessly at first as mid-morning slips into afternoon. Talking of this and that. Eventually Sam speaks of before, of Stanford, of Jess. Cas talks of before as well only he speaks of first stars, of first rainstorms on virgin ground, and of watching plants that had never existed before begin to bloom and thrive.

It is only when Cas pulls to a stop and Sam looks around that he realizes they have driven a circular route and are only a few miles from home. They are parked next to a field with a massive oak tree at its center. He gets out of the car and follows Cas down a well worn path through the tall grass. Sam is grateful he had left his flannel in the car as the late afternoon sun shines hot and bright overhead. Cas has shed his trench coat and jacket as well, rolling up his sleeves to have some relief from the late summer heat.

When the reach the oak tree they sit shoulder to shoulder underneath soaking in the coolness of the shade they find there. In silence they watch the bees and the butterflies flitter from flower to flower.

Sam takes a deep breath and places his hand on Castiel’s and they lace their fingers together. And when Cas lays his head on Sam’s shoulder Sam feels a sense of peace that he hasn’t felt in a long time.

It is the first of many afternoons for them.

A few years later vows and rings are exchanged under that oak tree. Along with whispered I love you’s and soft sweet kisses.