I want to be held. I want someone to hold me and feel someone’s presence. I want their fingers intertwine with mine while talking random stuff. I want to hear their voice while staring at his face. I want to bury my head in his chest and feel the beat of his heart. I want them to hold me close and make me feel that i am safe. I want to be this close to someone that it will make me feel that i am not alone. I want to be held and never let me go. I want to feel that i am enough. I want them to hug me so tight and kiss me good night and fall asleep in their arms.
pokemon go leader headcanons

i was bored so here you go


  • scared of the dark and hates anything to do with the supernatural
  • probably a pyromaniac
  • has black belts in multiple martial arts
  • don’t piss her off, you will Regret
  • doesn’t know what a meme is
  • she is terrible at swimming, will punch anyone who makes her go in the water
  • she will wake up early every morning to go catch pokemon
  • goes for 15km ‘brief jogs’
  • cut her hair bc she would rather be outside catching pokemon rather than doing her hair
  • vegetarian
  • daily sarcasm
  • a badass lesbian
  • actually loves cute and fluffy things but refuses to admit it
  • probably has a butterfly tattoo somewhere
  • only watches tv for the news
  • shit memory, doesn’t remember what she did the day before


  • is a massive tsundere
  • mild social anxiety??
  • appears cool and arrogant but in reality he’s just bad at talking
  • super smart but hopelessly clumsy
  • once he ran into a pole while taking notes about pokemon and got a massive bruise. the other leaders laughed for weeks
  • too lazy to cut hair 
  • always takes cold showers
  • secretly a really good artist
  • likes to sketch pokemon in his spare time. he has a special drawer where he stashes all his art
  • good at photoshop. he likes to edit pictures of the other leaders onto trash cans
  • always smells like paper???
  • he hangs out in the library a lot so people think he’s researching
  • he’s actually doing crossword puzzles
  • athletic but bad at any sport that requires equipment (did i mention he is Clumsy)
  • probably considers chess a sport
  • unhealthy obsession with mint and mint flavoured stuff
  • never has matching socks 


  • super happy and bubbly 24/7
  • spends hours making sure his hair is Fabulous
  • a few years ago he dyed his hair blue but dyed it back the next day bc it clashed with blanche’s aesthetic
  • still uses 2012 memes
  • the first time he saw blanche’s name, spark thought it was pronounced ‘blan-kee’ 
  • (he didn’t find out until like 2 weeks later)
  • once tried to become vegan but gave up on the second day
  • doesn’t wear jackets in winter to look ‘swaggy’
  • he names his pokemon dumb shit like ‘dank memes’ and ‘deez nuts’
  • once had a fight with candela and got punched so hard he couldn’t walk for like 3 days
  • one time he looked at his reflection in the mirror and burst out crying??
  • extremely ticklish
  • he still uses ‘xD’
  • he dabs a lot
  • is a really nice guy despite his overall lameness
  • tries his best
  • accidentally said candle instead of candela and got punched yet again
  • rip spark 2k16

i think i’ve told people this before but

au where harry and louis are neighbors and harry is roomates with niall and liam and louis is roomates with zayn and as a gift gemma gives harry an orchid in a pot and harry loves it and he spends so much time and effort on it waiting for it to bloom

but it doesn’t so after like a few months he gives up and puts it by the trash

except louis finds it and is like ‘eyy the pot is cute we can use it to stash weed’ so he brings it back to his and zayn’s flat and then they end up leaving the pot around there somewhere and sometimes they water it when they can be bothered and under the weed fumes it starts to bloom into this beautiful orchid and they’re like ‘wtf whatever now we have a flower’ so they put it near the windowsill

and one day harry is doing something and he looks out the window and he sees his pot with his orchid and there is a flower and now he wants his pot back