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                                                       rubber soul

“I’d never heard a collection of songs that were all that good before. It’s like a collection of folk songs, and they’re all just really, really great songs. And not just about love. They’re about a lot of different things, but they all go together, somehow. Listening to Rubber Soul didn’t clarify my ideas for Pet Sounds, exactly. But it inspired me. When we were listening to it that night I said to myself, ‘Now I’m gonna make an album just as good as Rubber Soul.’ Not the same album. Obviously there can only be one album that’s Rubber Soul, just like there can only be one Pet Sounds. But it inspired me to do my own thing, and so the next morning I went to the piano and wrote “God Only Knows” with Tony Asher. „ —Brian Wilson

 “It sort of dawned on me that love was the answer, when I was younger, on the Rubber Soul album. My first expression of it was a song called The Word. The word is 'love’. 'In the good and the bad books that I have read,’ whatever, wherever, the word is 'love’. It seems like the underlying theme to the universe. Everything that was worthwhile got down to this love, love, love thing. And it is the struggle to love, be loved and express that that’s fantastic„ —John Lennon

We were very pleased with the way everything’s turned out. We all think it’s just about our best LP. I can’t wait for it to come out. The sleeve’s finished too, and the picture on the front is pretty good! „ —George Harrison

神谷浩史・小野大輔のDearGirl Stories #500
神谷浩史・小野大輔のDearGirl Stories #500

Ono: Let’s do a face swap! A face swap!

Kamiya: How do we do the face swap? Is there an option for that?

Ono: I’m not sure…

Kamiya: …it’s this one, right?

Ono: Yeah that one! That one!

Kamiya: You’re right! But your face didn’t change though! Eh?! Why only mine?!


Kamiya: Why… only my face changed?!

Ono: HAHAHA!! We’re brothers!

Kamiya: Ono-kun’s face didn’t change much but mine looks  asymmetrical?!

Ono: We look like twins! Isn’t this strange?!

Suwa: Instead of face swap, it became Double Ono!

Ono: Double Ono!?

Kamiya: It’s Doube Ono-kun indeed! But why does my face look asymmetrical?!

Ono: Then… let’s do a Double Kamiya too!

Kamiya: Eh?! How… is it this? This one?

Ono: Yeah that one…

Kamiya: So if we do this… Aaah!! It’s done! Hey! Why is it that when we swapped from your face, my face looks asymmetrical?!

Ono: Is my face that asymmetrical?

Kamiya: But when we swapped from my face… Ono-kun, you look like Ohsaka-kun (Ryota)!

Ono: Wah! It’s true! It’s Ohsaka-kun!


Ono: I’m Ohsaka-kun! I’m Ohsaka-kun right now!

Kamiya: It really is Ohsaka-kun! By the way, my younger brother really looks like Ohsaka-kun too.

Ono: Ohsaka-kun and an asymmetrical face… that’s a weird combination right there.

Kamiya: You’re right..

20 March 1969, John Lennon marries Yoko Ono

“So we were in Paris and we were calling Peter Brown, and said, ‘We want to get married. Where can we go?’ And he called back and said, 'Gibraltar’s the only place.’ So - 'OK, let’s go!’ And we went there and it was beautiful. It’s the Pillar of Hercules, and also symbolically they called it the End of the World at one period. There’s some name besides Pillar of Hercules - but they thought the world outside was a mystery from there, so it was like the Gateway to the World. So we liked it in the symbolic sense, and the Rock foundation of our relationship. ” - John Lennon