Naruto Gaiden [Chapter 10] −ナルト− 外伝「十」SPOILERS
Once again, we have come to the end. After prolonging the manga for another eight months, Naruto’s final panel has been drawn. I was originally intending on writing about Evangelion this week, as the events of the original series begin on the 6th of July 2015, only a day from now. But, with the abrupt announcement less than a week ago that Gaiden was finishing its run on its tenth chapter, that quickly changed. While Evangelion is definitely an iconic series that is extremely popular across the anime community, Naruto is the series which shaped my love for it. So it makes sense that I would prioritise the ending over anything else.

This is very likely the last time I will review Naruto. I’m gonna go cry now.

Things That Are Canon Now:
  • Sasuke is a pervert who still likes to tease his wife even 12 years into their marriage
  • Karin is no longer obsessed with Sasuke and sees him as an actual human being now and is glad that Sakura makes him happy
  • When Sarada started having trouble seeing, Sakura called up her old friend Karin to make her kid some glasses
  • Sasuke and Sakura finally traveled together and got to see the world and probably fucked on mountain tops and shit
  • There are going to be about 500+ Shins following papa Kabuto around Konoha with absolutely no explanation whatsoever 
  • Konoha FINALLY got an adoption system which will cut down about 500% of all future character angst
  • All these characters have grown and matured in so many magnificent and beautiful ways
  • Except Suigetsu
  • This ship that I have been shipping for 10 years now is so canon it hurts and I can’t stop crying thank you Kishi

Source:  おれっと ‏@Oretto_ring

Translation: occasionallyisaystuff

Typesetting: Me

Naruto vs. Hinata in a battle of romance.

(This is my first time doing a typeset so if you guys have any suggestions please be free to tell me! I really liked this comic so i couldn’t help myself i had to typeset it. Thanks to TL Anon for the awesome translation)