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Through the Window

The eyes – a window into the soul,
Or so they say. Like a scrying bowl
In which you may chance look to see
The golden threads of the tapestry
That have weaved the story of a life.
True, ever you can see the strife,
Of a shattered, bleeding, sin-sick heart.
But then how can you see Cupid’s dart,
The life, the hope, the memory,
E’ry piece of forgotten reverie?


So who am I then, I hear you ask.
I’m the uncrowned queen behind the mask.
I am the wind; I am the rain;
I’m the unseen child that dares to fain
To read, to dream; to be poet, knight;
Pick up my sword and stand to fight.
I am the light; yet I am the dark;
I am the arrow that hits the mark;
I hope, I love; try to right the wrong;
Lift up my voice in joyous song.


But I’m more than that, for too there’s pain;
Creeping shadow, forever my bane,
That hunts and thirsts and tries to drown
Every shred of hope and light, drag down
What joy and courage I dare to cling.
The red-eyed demons dance and sing,
Wreathed in fire, in fear, in blood’s flame.
The shadowed beasts have laid their dark claim.
So to my knees I fall to pray,
That an angel might turn night to day.


Now I have told you my why and how.
But one last favor I ask of you now.
Just tell me this, I beg of you:
Look through the window,
 Who are you?