Tolkien characters as memes
  • Me, an intellectual: Gandalf, Elrond
  • She is beauty, she is grace, she will punch you in the face: Éowyn, Lúthien, Legolas (let's be honest xd)
  • The dress: Galadriel (is she blue and black or is she white and gold?)
  • I came out to have a good time and honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now: Bilbo, Déagol (ha. ha.), Túrin (ha. ha. ha.)
  • *shoving breadsticks into the purse*: Turgon
  • okay... that sounds fake but okay...: Thranduil, Manwë
  • perfect men don't exis-: Aragorn, Éomer, Faramir, literally hALF OF THE CHARACTERS HAVE YOU READ LOTR
  • don't talk to me or my son ever again: um, Fëanor??? and like, all Fëanorians and their sons and the sons of their sons what even is this family???

Hey fuckos I got tagged in this thing by @crappylineofbestfit
so looks like I’m doing it now

rules: copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… and most importantly, have fun!

a - age: 16 
b - biggest fear: jfc I genuinely do not know 
c - current time: 13:47
d - drink you last had: water bc sometimes I pretend I’m healthy or something
e - every day starts with: ticking “wake up” off my Habitica dailies, bc it’s an achievement 
f - favorite song: i like quite a lot of songs idk Somewhere in Neverland always gets me because I’m 13 years old inside or something and everything stays makes me cry so hard
g - ghosts, are they real: i prefer to think no just so it’s one less thing to worry about
h - hometown: I was born in Bath but Londons my Home™ u get me
i - in love with: Marceline the Vampire Queen and Yoosung Kim, hi, I’ve never had a crush on a living breathing person, I’m 13 years old I write anatomically incorrect smut on wattpad and I still think being RaNDoM XD is funny
j - jealous of: people who can dress real nice and who are allowed to fuck w their hair however they want
k - killed someone: no just my own prospects
l - last time you cried: like a week ago?? I wasn’t even sad I was just tired and I had a lot of feelings about yoosung fml
m - middle name: Elizabeth 
n - number of siblings: 2 lil brothers, they can sing Aaron burr sir with me now I’ve trained them
o - one wish: a goal and the motivation to achieve it
p - person you last called/texted: @fritzofrenic
q - question(s) you’re always asked: “what race are you" and variants (I’m half Indian half white im beige) 
r - reasons to smile: sunshine, my lovely friends and the fact I have tarot cards now
s - song last sang: Helpless from Hamilton w my mum who’s great
t - time you woke up: like 9 mum woke me usually I’m a 10am bitch
u - underwear color: light pink god I think I got these 4 years ago
v - vacation destination: Ideal? Somewhere w a fuckton of cool rivers and waterfalls and stuff I could swim in or somewhere in Greece, reality? this cottage my grandma owns in Devon that gives me asthma all the time lol
w - worst habit: i never do shit and then I pretend it isn’t my own damn fault
x - x-rays you’ve had: I broke my nose jumping on my bed once but I can’t remember if I’ve ever had an X-ray 
y - your favorite food: pasta (carbonara or pesto) or curry probably curry 
z - zodiac sign: Gemini hoe 😎👌🏽
I’m taggin @fritzofrenic and anyone else who wants to do it fuckin go at it m8


                           Casual pointless Mirkwood appreciation post.

LOTR fandom vs Silmarillion fandom

LOTR fandom:

- elves are so pure and innocent
- Sauron is the bad guy
- gay ships everywhere
- 99% of memes include Legolas
- “why couldn’t the eagles-”

Silmarillion fandom:

- elves’ killing spree
- everybody loves Mairon
- gay ships everywhere except they’re 10 times more intense and there’s 10 times more of them
- 99% of memes include Feanorians
- 5-hour-long lectures on “why couldn’t the eagles-”

Geek Cred?

Today had a conversation at work with a customer that went like this: 

Dude:  "Yeah, well, I have this silly app on my phone.“ 
Me:  "Oh?”
Dude:  "It’s not a game, it’s well, do you know Lord of the Rings?“
Me:  "Yeah?”  
Dude:  "The app.  It’s an Elvish translator so I can translate English to Elvish.“ 
Me:  "Oh, cool.  Quenya or Sindarin?”
Dude:  "…..*silent*….“
Me:  ”…*?*…“
Dude:  "Can I marry you?“
Me:  "Only if you give me the one ring." 
Dude:  "But it’s mine.  My own.  My precious." 
Me:  "One does not simply propose to a tech goddess." 
Dude:  ”*sighs* I would have followed you … my captain…my queen.“ 
Me:  "Be at peace, son of Android." 
Dude:  ”….no really.  Can I marry you?“ 


The White Lady,” he murmured. “She is called a wise-woman, a healer. And yet… she sees to the center of a man, and can turn his soul to ashes, if evil be found there.”  - "Jesus H. Christ,“ I said, turning back to Jamie. "Did you ever hear of La Dame Blanche?” - "Um? Oh? Oh, aye, I've… heard the stories.“ 

"To a point, you know, it doesn’t  matter,” he said. “Whatever else you may be or whatever information you may possess, you have one invaluable attribute as a houseguest.”  - “And what’s that?” I demanded. He paused, hand on the bell, and smiled. “You’re Red Jamie’s wife,” he said softly. “And he is fond of you, my dear, is he not?”

Diana Gabaldon, Dragonfly in Amber

Okay, but whatever you’re doing, certainly don’t think about how sad the events after Aragorn’s death were.

Don’t think about two graves next to his, only half the size. And the one between them that’s not empty anymore, and the people wondering what those two did to deserve to be buried next to king Elessar. They were just halflings, the Gondorians will think.

Don’t think about Arwen, who sees all the elves sailing away, but she can’t, and she does not regret any second of her mortal life, but it just hurts. so. much. And she’s alone in the dying Lórien, slowly dying with it.

Don’t think about her conversation with Legolas, the cheerful Legolas, who loves Middle-Earth so much, but he just can’t stay. Don’t think of their mourning of Aragorn and their goodbye, because he can’t even accompany her, but he promises he will tell Elrond and Celebrian and everyone she wants that she thinks of them and loves them so much.

Don’t think that Legolas was so young. Don’t think that he could have stayed with the remaining elves, but he knew he would feel lonely even among his own kin and race. So he takes the only person who is dear to him and can at least partly understand him. And he leaves his beloved home, his Ithilien, and desperately tries to save, to prolong a life of just one friend, while the dwarf is still alive.

Don’t think about the last moments of the Fellowship, as the little grey ship sailed into the West.

Just don’t.