The Lost Delinquents Week:   Day 4: Jones

1x03 “Earth Kills” is the first time we’re introduced to Jones. He was the other delinquent and member of Bellamy’s little militia group thing that had gone with Atom to look for Trina and Pascal. As Bellamy is telling them not to worry yet, he asks “what do we say when they ask about Trina and Pascal?” to which Bellamy tells him to say nothing and that they would keep an eye out for them when they go hunting later. 

The hunt is the next time we see him, Jones choice of weapon to hunt with is a spear he’s fashioned. When Charlotte interrupts the hunting party he heads off with the other two delinquents after the boar while Bellamy and Atom stay behind. We don’t know if they managed to kill the boar since the next time we see him is when the acid for starts. It’s very likely that Jones was good at hunting or tracking and is the reason he was part of Bellamy’s hunting party. 

The morning after when the fog has gone, Bellamy comes out of the cage and asks if anyone is out there, even calling Jones by name. Jones answers back and Bellamy and Charlotte go to meet the other two delinquents that had run with Jones, and he informs Bellamy that they’d made it to another cave nearby. When Bellamy asks “where’s Atom?” Jones doesn’t answer verbally, but the look he gives him is ‘I don’t know’ and ‘This is bad’ all at once.

In the beginning of 1x05 “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” Jones is one of the delinquents that comes out to witness Raven’s pod as it comes to earth and believes that the Ark has sent people to help them, “Now we can kick some grounder ass.” 

Shortly later he’s inside Bellamy’s tent informing Bellamy that “if it’s cleared the ridge it’s probably near the lake.” Octavia believes they should be getting moving, but Bellamy says it isn’t safe, and for the others, Jones included, to pass it around that they’ll head out at first light. 

After Bellamy takes the radio, gets rid of it, and they find out they were going to kill the 300 people on the Ark because of the oxygen situation, Jones is one of the delinquents that was recruited to look for it in the river. In fact, Jones is actually the one to find the radio and bring it over to Raven. Even later when they’re building the way to launch the flares to signal they’re alive, he carries the panel board with Finn. 

It isn’t shown, but it’s been stated (don’t quote me on where cause I don’t remember) that Jones was one of the delinquents to die during the fight in 1x13 “We Are Grounders Part 2″

Jones is one of the delinquents that we get to see again in 3x13 “Join or Die.” He enters the classroom in front of Mbege and Murph, sits in front of them, behind Roma, and next to Dax. When Pike successfully builds a fire he seems mildly interested, moving his head slightly to see a little better. 

During the last class when Pike slaps Murphy he’s quick to turn his head around, and when Pike lifts Murphy up out of his chair Jones is one of the delinquents to quickly stand up.  As Pike starts to really throw Murphy around, Jones looks around at the other delinquents as if asking ‘what do we do?’ Jones is one of the delinquents to pull Pike off of Murphy, and he stands next to Mbege, the two of them being the line of defense between Pike and Murphy. 

Kane asks what’s going on and when Pike answers graduation, Jones looks back at Mbege, and there’s a confusion on Jones’ face, like he’s trying to put together what Pike means be ‘graduation.’ 

Jones is kind of one of those ‘blink and you miss him’ type of characters. He isn’t developed much, but there are some things we know, or can assume at least, from the times we do see him on screen. 

One is that he’s part of Bellamy’s group, and he appears to be more like Atom in how he handles this authority than Murphy and Mbege. He goes out searching for Trina and Pascal with Atom, and when they haven’t been able to find them he seems genuinely concerned. Were Trina and Pascal friends of his? We can also assume that it’s possible he and Atom were friends. It is possible that Bellamy just decided to stick the two of them together to go search for them, but Bellamy also doesn’t seem to be too concerned, so they could have decided to go look for them on their own and told Bellamy about it. It could also be that Jones and Atom were the ones to notice them missing because they were friends with Trina and Pascal, told Bellamy, and then Bellamy was like ‘you should go look for them.’ When they realize neither of them (his group or Bellamy and Charlotte) knows where Atom is after the acid fog he shows worry on his face that something bad has possibly happened to him. Jones also appears to be pretty observant of things. He notices and calculates where Raven’s pod probably landed, he tries to get a better look at the fire Pike built, and he seems to also be the only delinquent to react to Pike’s ‘this is graduation’ comment. 

Jones comes into the show having been out looking for someone, and he leaves the show standing in front of someone and protecting them. 

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