hayley atwell’s panel

at phillycon today hayley had her agent carter panel and it was super great so here’s a recap:

1) hayley is a super feminist

2) she really supports the idea of more diversity/poc in season 2 of agent carter & will try to make it happen with the writers

3)  her favorite fight scene was the stapler one

4)  she would love to see peggy beat a guy up with her high heels (ouch)

5)  once threw an iron chair at the assistant director by accident

6)  thinks it would be really cool if peggy could get the super serum and then turn evil from it

7)  when she’s upset she basically thinks wwpd (what would peggy do)

8)  apparently that dude from the princess bride is her celebrity crush

9)  pranks everyone. all the time. always.

10)  when lyndsy fonseca auditioned for angie the director had hayley randomly confess “i’m a spy!” during the middle of their scene to see her reaction and since lyndsy could stay in character and had the most angie reaction ever she got the part