ya lit meme:
[2/9] quotes/scenes: the raven boys - the raven cycle
“And it was not just a raven, Gansey saw. It was a tiny foundling, featherless mouth still a baby’s smile, wings still days and nights and days away from flight. He wasn’t sure he would want to touch something that looked so easily destroyable. The raven was Glendower’s bird. The Raven King, he was called, from a long line of kings associated with the bird. Legend had it that Glendower could speak to ravens, and vice versa. It was only one of the reasons why Gansey was here in Henrietta, a town known for its ravens. His skin prickled.”

ok let’s talk about six of crows. of the main characters alone there is:

- a physically disabled boy who suffers from severe PTSD
- a dark skinned middle eastern-coded girl who was a victim of sex trafficking but escaped and vowed revenge on all sex traffickers
- a bisexual-coded girl who is explicitly described as being larger and not stick-thin but is still described as beautiful, sexual, and incredibly powerful
- an explicitly bisexual dark skinned POC boy who ends up in a m/m relationship
- an explicitly gay boy who is looked down on by his family for severe reading and learning disabilities but who instead becomes and incredible scientist and musician
- and matthias

basically please read six of crows & crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo if you want your faith in the future of YA lit restored


—The conversation between your fingers and someone else’s skin - this is the most important discussion you can ever have. (i.t) 

for alli. thanks for sharing some of your magic with us bby ♥