AU I can’t stop thinking about

- ‘I’m your delivery man and, wow, that package isn’t wrapped discreetly, holy shit you ordered a sex toy’ ? (not mine, anon from spn fandom but come on)

- “You work in the shop next to mine and we purposely take smoke breaks at the same time so we can check each other’s out. Will you ever make a move?” 

“You work with my sister and she’s trying to hook us up, only we’ve been banging for a month and she has no clue”

“We used to date and you’re getting married in a month. Now we are at a party and we’re drunk and god your ass is perfect”

“We work together and I hit on you on a daily basis but you always turn me down bc you don’t want to hook up with a co worker… So what if I quit ?“


okay so

  1. Cas says “I want to get Claire a present”
  2. Dean says okay, you know what the kids like these days, that Hot Topic store
  3. Dean drives Cas to a mall
  4. They awkwardly ride up the escalator together
  5. They enter a Hot Topic
  6. Dean stands around like “hurry up, man, the goth chick is staring at us”
  7. Cas selects a Grumpy Cat plush toy
  8. He asks Dean “Do you think she would like this?”
  9. Dean thinks “No fucking way” but says “Sure” because Cas is giving him the sad hopeful face
  10. Dean and Cas stand at the Hot Topic register and purchase a Grumpy Cat plush toy
  11. They leave and find a gift wrapping station to buy a gift bag
  12. They walk back to the car with Cas carrying a brightly colored gift bag containing the Grumpy Cat plush toy they bought for their troubled teenage daughter