I get that everyone is excited that Colin and Bradley are still friends …

But like, I feel  like it’s a bit creepy. They are real people too and obviously they do not make their relationship very public and we should respect that.

Shipping real people is invasive and you never know what those people think. It could make them incredibly uncomfortable. Ship fictional characters all you want, but, as much as you may think, you do not know Colin and Bradley. You are led through the lives of their characters and so you know them, but not the actors. You only know what they show you on screen and in interviews. They deserve some privacy and idk the origin of that photo (if it was at a public event I guess that’s fine??) but it seemed sneakily taken, which is stalkerish, whether the target is a celebrity or not.

Just please, be excited, but don’t make them uncomfortable. Loving that your favorite actors are still in touch is one thing. Shipping them and suggesting/writing/drawing explicit or invasive things involving them is another.