do you know that (8/8) : bts edition

I don’t have many words to say, because my mind still hasn’t fully caught up, but I’ll say this: Johanna Darling’s legacy will always outlive her. She may have left her corporal body, but she’ll always continue to leave an imprint in this life through all the people she has touched, help, taught, and supported. She was an outstanding mother, friend, and filled many other parts as she made herself available in multiple capacities at any given time. She’s given life, in many ways, and that can’t ever be taken from her. Thank you for your legacy Jay. I’ll do my best to remember, protect it, and carry it on. Rest In Peace.

I just want to say that now that I know more details about this single and how it’s not on Syco and how it’s a collab and the artwork and stuff, I’m super excited for Louis. I’m not loving the idea of debuting it on X Factor, but I still think it’s a means to an end with that “relationship” so bring it on. 

This just makes a lot more sense to me and I’m ready to love and support it. 


[Caption: Four screencaps from Spider-Man: Homecoming. Peter and Ned are eating lunch together. Peter says: “A buddy of mine saw Spider-Man take his shirt off in the shower, and he said that Spider-Man had an eight-pack. That Spider-Man is shredded.” From another table, Zendaya’s character interupts: “Whatever. Spider-Man is a punk bitch. He looks like he weighs thirty pounds soaking wet underneath that little pajama.” Ned and Peter look at her, incredulous.]

Inspired by @cassianluke (x)

Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

New Year

New Year’s Resolutions
How to actually achieve those resolutions
Highlights of 2016
Things to look forward to in 2017
Reflection of 2016
How you can make 2017 better
Things you did in 2016 that you shouldn’t in 2017
Favorite pictures of 2016
Memorable quotes from 2016
Achievements in 2016
Favorites of 2016 (e.g. music, movies, books, art, food, new activities)
New things to try in 2017 (e.g. hobbies, food, places to travel)
Upcoming releases in 2017 (e.g. music, movies, books)
How you want the world to change in 2017
Important dates in 2016
People you met in 2016


Stress-relieving activities
Curiosity page (questions you want the answers to)
What if? Page
Happiness page
Things to do when sad (or any negative emotion)
Sleep tracker
Mood log
Dream log
Gratitude list
Self care activities
Un-do list (stop doing)
Unexplainable emotions page (e.g. that feeling when…)


Grade tracker
Achievements list
Plan for the school year
Revision schedule and progress
Things to self study


Long term goals
Short term goals (e.g. this week/month)
Travel log
Bucket list
Reflections (daily/monthly/yearly)
Places you wish to visit
Friend lists + about them


Spendings tracker
Savings tracker
Financial goals

Inspirational Stuff

Brain dump
Favorite quotes
Pieces of writing (e.g. news articles, poetry, etc.)
Favorite words
Story ideas
OC ideas


DIY and project ideas
Handwriting experiments
Color swatches/palettes
Bullet journal page ideas
Doodle page
Testing stationery/washi tapes
Six word stories
A sentence a day
Blog post ideas


Playlists (e.g. playlist of the week, song of the day)
To read
To watch
Already read
Hobbies to try
Favorites list (e.g. movies, albums, songs, books)


General observations (e.g. people, places, things)
Overheard conversations
Music/melodies you heard
Things you see
Different textures/things you touched
Things you tasted (could be food, drinks, or inedible things)
Interesting/foreign smells