I’m claiming Hawkeye as mine now. He’s mine. Forever. 

I’m gonna take him home, wrap a blanket around his shoulders and feed him some bomb ass pizza while we binge watch shows on netflix.

Fuck the Avengers, Clint is mine. 

Is there method in my madness?

Does anyone else ever get really ‘method’ in their writing? Like, if I’m writing a fic and there are bits missing in the dialogue in my head, I actually improvise the scene to try and get the words out. Sometimes I just play it in my head but sometimes I actually get into character and silently act the scene out until the dialogue bubbles up to the surface.

It’s such a weird process, because I get the emotions, too. The words come, but it also feels real, so sometimes I do it just to get the ‘feel’ of the scene. I have lost count of how many times I have broken down and cried in the process of writing emotional fanfiction. Basically, if you read anything of mine where Hawkeye cries, I have cried at least once, in Hawkeye’s shoes. Not literally in his shoes because they wouldn’t fit, but I have got into his headspace and cried with him. Today I did that twice.

Writing is exhausting. So is acting. I’m not entirely sure which one I’m doing sometimes.

If anyone is liking/reblogging any posts of mine other that the Hawkeye post, my apologies but I live in a world quite apart from any other post notes. I’ve had to turn notification alerts off on my phone because the constant flashing of the screen is legit draining my battery.

So our cats (Brandon and Mine), well mainly Hawkeye has been meowing at all hours of the night recently. He hasn’t done this since his kitten days, but he has been doing it almost every night now for the past couple of weeks. About 11:45pm he starts up, and Brandon rolls over and was like, “I was on the verge of sleep.” I grab my computer and say, “I’ll go and sit in the living room with the cats for a while.” Well, I end up watching Outlander, and falling asleep. Let me just say I forgot how uncomfortable couches and the floor can be. 

Until last July I had slept on either surface for almost 4 years. Now my neck and back are hurting something fierce. Anyway, for the love I have for Brandon I stayed out here with the cats all night. I’m counting down the minutes until his alarm goes off so I can crawl in bed and sleep forever.