One of the things that’s always bothered me abt people is it just constantly feels like no one I know prioritizes their friendships. Like not just mine but in general it seems like a lot of people just don’t give a shit about their friends when it become inconvenient and that’s so painful to me to watch? I don’t understand it

I can’t even recall the specifics now but one of the things that cemented for me how abusive my high school friends were was after we’d had this huge all night conversation and had a blast something came up to where they’re pontificating about how ya always gotta put yourself first and that machismo shit. and it was one of a very few times when I distinctly felt “there’s something wrong here” in the moment itself. you tell a guy to his face that the memories and good times don’t mean shit? what’s wrong with these people?

and i feel like most people are like that at their core. it makes me sad

HEY TUMBLR PET-OWNERS! Pssst…So I stumbled across this great bit of advice for pet owners on facebook earlier. I’m still kind of new at being a pet owner myself (didn’t have pets growing up) so this was something new for me. This probably isn’t a new concept or idea to others, but I loved it so much I wanted to share it anyways… This was the picture they posted, (PICTURE NOT MINE) and the general concept was this… It’s getting hot out. Summer is pretty much officially here. Keep your fur-babies cool by freezing toys, carrots, other safe edible/chewable things your pup will love in water and chicken stock and let your pup play with it. My baby is only 4 pounds. It doesn’t take long for him to get hot and start panting when we play in the backyard, so I can’t wait to try this. Smaller versions of this would be great for a trip to the park, hiking, picnics, and other outdoor activities that may keep you and your pup away from the A.C. for long periods of time. Ohh and for the pet owner. Freeze a bottle of water or your favorite sports drink for when you work up a sweat. (Drink it slowly so as not to cause cramps, of course, small frequent sips are best-I learned this the hard way a few summers ago when I took up running) Oh oh, and for trips to the park, a concert, the beach, hiking, or for other activities that will keep you outdoors for long periods of time…Bring a cooler. Freeze a small container full of infused water to stay cool and to easily wash the dirt and sweat off with. Like a travel size soap bar container frozen with water and aloe, or water and bath wash, or even water and moisterizing lotion…Mmhmm. (It really works. :) My mom and grandmother did this with avons skin so soft and water when I was a little girl. On scorching summer days spent at bluegrass festivals, flea markets, and such, it felt like the best thing ever. If they took a cooler, you could bet skin so soft and aloe was gonna be in it. Ha.) Anywho-It will feel sooo amazing on a hot summer day-and you will feel much cleaner. It would break my heart if my baby got heat sick from lack of hydration, so I’ll definitely try this for him. I know that all of you love your fur-babies too, so please be extra aware that if it’s hot enough outside to make you sick, it’s hot enough to make them sick. Stay hydrated folks and make sure your babies stay hydrated too :)

kavha asked:

Hey, your blog layout is beautiful! Do you have any tips on how to make mine (or any in general) more appealing? Also your about me page is down. :)

Thank you and i’m not sure as I’m using my phone not on computer and I never actually wrote an about me part aha I guess if anyone wants to know anything they will ask xx

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I have to ask, why do u not promote or tweet as much about stephen as u do emily?but shade people who tweet about him more and call them stan?Sorry for bad english. because i see emily not doing the best with promos, she doesn't acknolege fans and it makes me so so sad. i love them both and feel weird when i see a mix of tweets on yours and other people accounts :/

Hi anon, first I didn’t shade anyone. Mine was a general statement about stanning. I hate all things stanning. I just don’t stan. I love both Stephen & Emily equally. In fact I’m spamming the Teen Choice Awards twitter account as we speak to get both of them nominated. Also, If you see me tweet more about Emily, it’s clearly cuz she needs more help promoting herself since she’s too shy/humble to do it herself & her agent clearly sucks. Now, about her not interacting enough with her fans … you have to remember that Emily is brand new at this … she’s been what? … barely 3 years under the spotlight. Stephen has 10 years in his back pocket so it’s totally normal that he’s more comfortable interacting with fans. Give her time. Anyway, thank you for your question.

Happy Mother’s Day to my favorite mom (mine) and my favorite grandmothers (also mine), and a very happy birthday to my favorite dad (you guessed it, mine), and a general thanks-for-your-existence to my brother.