Secret’s newest deodorant commercial is about a trans woman building up the courage to exit a stall in a women’s bathroom once other people have walked in. 

The tagline at the end of the commercial reads, “Stress test #8260: Dana finds courage to show there’s no wrong way to be a woman.” When Dana walks out, you can hear the other women saying, “Cute dress!” 

“I always have moments of insecurity but I have conditioned myself to act unbothered,” Karis Wilde, the actress featured in the ad, told Queerty about having to use public restrooms. “While shooting, I allowed myself to feel vulnerable. It terrified me how much I’ve stored all those emotions; I almost cried in the middle of taping.”

Androgynous queer actor, realistic storyline, affirming ending. I’m here for it. (via the Huffington Post