Irving Braxiatel Time-Line;

“In November  2003, Miles Richardson made the first of several appearances of as a younger Braxiatel set prior to his appearance in the Benny plays. This was in the three-disc Doctor who Audio, Zagreus, a special story by Alan Barnes to celebrate Doctor who’s the 40th Anniversary.”-Bernice Summerfield, the inside story.

A lot of people have asked for an updated version of Irving Braxiatel’s time-line and here it is! I am aware that other people will have their own theories of how Braxiatel time-line works but in my mind, this is how Braxiatel’s time-line works from Empire of Glass, Gallifrey, Dellah, Collection and Legion and back to Gallifrey again.

Hope this all makes sense!

A lot of people showed interest in me possibly making a tarot deck with the last post I made so I played around with sizing and fonts to test out how a card might look like. It’s all still a work in progress but perhaps this is a little glimpse at what may come in the future!

listen. listen. the lgbt community isn’t a fun little club to join because you feel “different” this isn’t fucking glee club this is a political alliance between people who are oppressed by homophobia and/or transphobia (two communities that have been tied together for cENTURIES) and that’s why if you are cis and don’t experience same gender attraction then you’re not lgbt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯