Anonymous asked: Have you ever written anything with asexual!Cas? If not, would you ever in the future?

Author’s note: Many other followers have also requested this, so this one’s for all of you. :) 

“Cas? You home, buddy?”

The question echoed through the dark apartment as Dean called out to his friend. When there was no response from his roommate, Dean frowned and switched the lights on.

He was late; things had been insanely busy at Lafitte’s Bakery this week, and Dean’s boss Benny had begged him to stay a little longer today. Dean, being the dedicated employee that he was, had agreed.

Dean shrugged as he crossed the living room, aiming for his own room, planning to take a shower and change into some flour-free clothes; Cas was probably staying late at the office as well, Cas’ dickhead of a boss Mr. Adler made him work late more often than not.

Whistling along to some lame pop song that was stuck in his head, Dean darted down the hallway, only to come to a very abrupt halt when he passed Castiel’s room. The door was ajar, the room bathing in darkness. There was the muffled sound of sniffling.

“Cas?” Dean called again, hesitating to enter the room, even though it was clear that his friend was in there.

No reaction.

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AC:NL Masterpost

Hi guys! Some of you might know me from my QR-making tutorials or my previous QR-making mini masterpost. I’m here again today with a general AC:NL masterpost for all of you people who can’t get enough of those animals!


getting money 

main street upgrades 

making villager bffs 

breeding hybrid flowers 

helping gulliver 

collecting badges 

taking a long break



placing paths 

villager personalities and their pwps 

fossil collecting 

walking on top of stuff 

town building 

required bridge space 

make your screenies better

glitching under your town

powersave info

hacking faq



bow + buttons 

bow + hoods 

formal collar 


knit texture  


skirt details



beach sand 



more bricks 

hair color 

skin color 


Animal Crossing Tumblr Themes

“Town-Pass-Card” nyctothemes

“Turning A New Leaf” zeldathemes

“Animal Crossing Plaza” zweilous


K.K. album art

a ton of sprites/textures from NL

good general sprites

wild world sprites


Online QR Creator 

Mobile QR Helper (android) 

Japanese QR Codes 

acnlapparel tutorials and qrs

bidoofcrossing’s awesome info masterpost 

thonky AC:NL guides 

waifu2x (great for enlarging and making pretty screenshots)


acnlapparel rainiacrossing alpineseries bidoofcrossing animalcrossingus takoyaki-crossing mischacrossing and everyone else who I linked to, these are just some of the awesome people.

If you want to add anything, go ahead! I want this masterpost to be as useful as possible. Send me an ask or comment in the reblogs if you would like a section for a certain thing (such as more links on hacking/gardening/controlling villagers)

July 19, 2015 Update: Added tumblr themes and sprites!


endless list of favorite characters → maya fey (ace attorney)

↳ “the only reason i’m still here at all is thanks to everyone who was there for me…if even one of you weren’t there, i’m sure i wouldn’t still be alive right now. that’s why…i have to be strong. for all the people that were there for me when i needed them.”