(i actually hit this yesterday but i’ve been running around so much in the last week and every time i get my computer out i need to do something else to prepare for college so i’m late but i’m here!)

Thank you all so much!! I just set this thing up last week and we already hit triple digits in follower count. That’s not a lot in comparison to where a lot of studyblrs are and where this account might eventually go, but to me this is the first milestone! 

As a bit of a thank you and as a way for me to get my mind off of all of the college prep I’ve been doing lately, I want to do some moodboards to celebrate! 


  • this is intended for my followers so please be following me!
  • send me an ask (edit:: it’s actually open now apparently it wasn’t before my b) with your name (or the nickname you’d like me to use), something about your day, and maybe something i wouldn’t be able to learn about you by clicking around on your blog!
  • i’ll gather a collection of 9 little square pictures (i love these things!! seriously my likes are full of them) with a coordinating color scheme and content that i think reflect you!
  • if i’m not already following you back, i will, and i’ll go through your original content tag if i can find it. i need to refill my queue soon so this is how i’m going to do it!
  • if you don’t want to see any more of this, you can blacklist #z does moodboards

Thanks again! I can’t believe how warm of a welcome I’ve received on my return to this community. Here’s to 100 more connections. ♥♫