hey, so, I’ve been seeing a lot of people complaining about heterophobia! so, I’ve decided to raise some awareness! In red, I highlighted the countries where straight people are oppressed because of their sexuality. please reblog to spread awareness of this injustice!


12.9.17  ♡  48/100 days of productivity

I was talking to my professor after class about a test then he said that I have one of the highest averages in the class (not the highest though 😤) and that he’s proud of me and ohmygod my heart swelled like 38473985 times and I cried while walking to my next class but I just pretended I had a cold lmao I’m still crying.

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26/11/17 9:54pm | 56/100 days of productivity

Today was a strange day. I woke up really late and was really groggy for the rest of the morning, so I didn’t get much done. But then I powered through all my work in the afternoon! I’m feeling good about this essay 🌱


Are we going to talk about the fact that Clarke Griffin most likely always associates ‘I love you’ with ‘goodbye’. She told Finn she loved him just before he died, she told L*xa in the COL right before she left, when her mom tells her she loves her in 4x12- she replies with ‘this isn’t goodbye’. Clarke Griffin always associates those two things. But when Bellamy starts with what looks like a confession (‘Clarke, if I don’t see you again’) she shuts him down - tells him they will meet again, that she’s sure of it. She doesn’t want to say goodbye. And the scene in 4x13 also reflects this, the entire episode she’s of the belief she might die, but she doesn’t want to - she wants to go to space, with her friends, with Bellamy. And so when they are about to be separated, she stops him - and it looks like she might confess for a wild second but instead she tells him to 'hurry’. She’s not telling him she loves him, she’s not accepting this as a goodbye between the two of them, that this is the last chance she has to say it - she’s telling him to hurry up, a promise that they will see each other again, that this isn’t the end. Clarke Griffin is terrified of saying goodbye to Bellamy Blake, because she never wants to.


Endless List of Favourite Characters - Lillie from Pokemon

“I am the one who is sick of you, Mother! Children… Children are not just THINGS that belong to their parents! Pokémon are not just THINGS that a Trainer can do whatever they want to! I am alive! Cosmog is alive! We are not things for you to collect! We’re not made for you to just discard when you get bored with us! That is terrible, Mother! You are terrible!”