mine's a pint


Lunch at Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room located in Epcot’s UK Pavilion.

Osomatsu: ‘Eyyyyyy~

Osomatsu: Nah, I only just got here! Before that I was at Chibita’s oden cart… and now I walk into this!

Osomatsu: Haha WHY was it an argument in the first place, huh? Who gives a shit what shape Kusomatsu’s body is in anyway, ne?

Osomatsu: Oh really? He did, huh? And it worked?

Osomatsu: Niiiiiice~

Osomatsu: Ohhh? What’s that, lil’ bro? You gonna chuck?

Nuh… Iy’m nah’d’even that drunkk…

Osomatsu: Suuurree~

Osomatsu: How about we get you home?

Nooooo, Iy’m fiiiiine!

Osomatsu: Well~ If you say so.

Osomatsu: Ah, NICE! Free most-of-a-pint! Mine!

Osomatsu: Ah, NICE! Free muffins! Pass ‘em over, Karamatsu!

Karamatsu: Uh….

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