mine:the to do list

Movies with Aubrey Plaza

Okay so the ones I’ve seen:

The To-Do List: really good message about sexuality and first times, she’s acting great, I am really not a big fan of the 90s though, so that choice of setting was not my favorite thing. I did like seeing her in such an assertive emotionless role.

About Alex: I love her role in this, she’s really nice and I love the way they portrayed her, it’s different from what you see from her, and overall, she’s great. I wasn’t a big fan of the movie overall because there were too many characters and storylines for me to get really attached.

Ned Rifle: didn’t understand the story at all, maybe I’m just dumb. Didn’t understand why she acted so bad because her acting is terrible. And I say this as someone who loves her a lot. She was horrible. Terrible movie, never watching it again.

Addicted to Fresno: the movie is fine, it has really funny moments, I’m not quite sure I get the message it’s trying to send overall. I love her part, though, I found it was really good representation and it wasn’t like what you see her do a lot.

Safety Not Guaranteed: Incredible movie from end to end. Just perfection. The plot is great, the message makes sense, the acting is amazing. Her acting is great, and she’s the lead so we see a lot of it. Just flawless.