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cindyavc15 replied to your photo “Hi all! So in mid-December I finished watching the Lizzie Bennet…”

I just first and then a couple of weeks ago! I’ve also watched the Lizzie Bennett diaries last year. What did you think of those two Darcy’s?

Darcy from The Lizzie Bennett Diaries is PERFECTION. I CANNOT WITH THAT BABE. He was introverted and awkward and overly formal and stiff, and then became the epitome of heart eyes in the end. And I just… gahhhh.

Plus those last eps with him and Lizzie…

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I am having giddy emotions just from those stupid idiots’ gifs.

As far as “First and Then” goes, I didn’t like Ezra as much as Darcy from TLBD. But I did like the modern day version of Elizabeth + Darcy that Emma Mills made happen in that book. Devon & Ezra had great book chemistry and the progression of their relationship was very cute and I loved reading it!

Things I found really funny in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries:

1) Charles Bingley was renamed as just Bing Lee.
2) Instead of including the sister Kitty, they just gave Lydia a cat named Kitty.
3) They turned the other sister, Mary, in to the emo cousin that everyone forgets exists.
4) Every time Darcy shows up, all we get is a torso/crotch shot before they show his face.
5) Costume theater.
…and of course…
6) Ricky Collins and his fiancée from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

so, uh, if you weren’t aware, i fucking LOVE the lizzie bennet diaries. i remember all through the spring semester of freshman year, i’d check the thumbnail of each video after spanish in the morning even though i was NOT supposed to use my data plan at school…my url was even morestronglyeventhanididthen for a while because i loved lizzie and darcy so much


oh sure

kill me and burn me on a pyre!

this hurts like a THOUSAND ☀️!!!

hurts like a fucking searing forest FIRE

September TBR Days start tomorrow!

This month I decided to read mostly books from my Kindle, because I keep getting new ones, but I don’t actually read them. So let’s see how many I will be able to read in September!

I’m going to start with The Light Princess and Other Stories to Die For, edited by M.C. Frank.

I’m also starting the LBD rewatch and The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet readalong with @litlereddoll. I’m pretty excited about that!

(By the way, @litlereddoll is M.C. Frank - how cool is that? :D)