mine: pjo


i cant belive my own eyes I have never done anything this pretty

Am I the only one that thinks about Reyna working out and sending snapchats every 20 minutes????

Also I really like Reyna from ehlihr with the short hair and all.

(It was supposed to have a gym behind her but it ended up so shitty i gave up)

– used myself as reference.

annieisyourfavourite  asked:

Hey! Sorry to bother you, but it's my birthday, and I was wondering is maybe you could draw Percy and Hazel hanging out? Thank you for your time! <3

!!!! I HOPE IM NOT TOO LATE FOR THIS OMG BUT ofc by hanging out i made them watch the Annie 2014 movie ;))

no kid livin in nyc can miss out on this movie and percy takes hazel along for all its greatness


I got the feeling Poseidon really didn’t know what to think of me. He didn’t know whether he was happy to have me as a son or not. In a strange way, I was glad that Poseidon was so distant. If he’d tried to apologize, or told me he love me, or even smiled. it would’ve felt fake. Like human dad, making some lame excuse for not being around. I could live with that. After all, I wasn’t sure about him yet, either.