mine: mariska

Draw the charachter!

Let’s begin the game then! Rules are simple:

1-Read the passage that I’m going to post
2-Draw how YOU see the described charachter!

You can reblog the post with your drawing or just tag me posting it on your blog.

As first, a passage of the arc “Renastere”, which shows for now the highest number of sidekicks and secondary charachters; as beginning I want to see how you imagine one of the dearest charachters in this arc: Mariska Ordonez:

[…] among these also a woman with coppered hair falling in long and elaborate ringlets up to the sides. Her caramel eyes gazing interested at the scene in front of her “So…he has returned” she whispered pleased walking closer to the two, the white shirt moved by the light wind, while the red sash grazed the slender legs bandaged with a pair of light brown harem pants


“I was a prostitute in life” she answered without shame “ I did that job because I liked it and because I wanted men to face with their presumed perfection while betraying their wives”

Let’s see, I’m curious!-Mokka