mine: fleur de force


@taylorswift I don’t know how often you’re on here anymore so I really doubt you’ll see this but I have to write it out anyway! Basically a few years ago you met up with British youtuber Fleur De Force (idk if u remember??) for an interview about wonderstruck, there was then a competition where you could win wonderstruck through her youtube account. After this I absolutely LOVED her account, she loves you so much and her videos are some of the best!

Basically I met her for the first time on Friday (29th July) and she was one of the loveliest people ever, we basically spent the whole time talking about you!
Thanks for introducing me to some of the greatest people @taylorswift i love you!!


I have a PHILIP DEFRANCO/SOURCEFED ( Friday @ 2:30 ) signing, I like them a lot but if you want to trade for a HANK AND JOHN GREEN or KICKTHEPJ signing message me please!

Also my sister has a FLEURdeFORCE/ TATI AKA GLAMLIFEGURU ( Thursday @ 2:30.)and ANDREAS CHOICE (Friday @ 12) Possibly her FineBros (saturday @ 12) as well) which she would love to trade for a SHAYTARDS, JOHN AND HANK or TYLER OAKLEY signing. Again message me for these too, Thanks!!