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January’s £25 Beauty Budget: How I Spent It

January’s £25 Beauty Budget: How I Spent It

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Welcome to the first of my monthly (providing I stick to the plan) posts which should hopefully collate all my monthly beauty purchases/hauls in one place – and be no more than £25. If you missed my 2016:A Fresh start post, I’ve cut back to 1 beauty box a month (which isn’t included in the £25 spend), and allow myself £25 for any other beauty purchases which are non life essential (e.g…

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Fleur De Force Written in the Stars - Swatch & Review

Officially a #lipgloss convert. Fleur De Force Written in the Stars Lipgloss Review #bbloggers

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A few weeks ago I picked up Written in the Stars from Fleur De Force’s new range at FeelUnique, I have a well publicised love of Fleur, I love her videos and out of everyone I watch she is the most relatable to me – beyond her youtube career and regular worldwide jetsetting, her english countryside life, with her dogs and her husband reminds me very much of her own. (more…)

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Lucky Star

So, that’s it. 21 years avoiding the inevitable. 

Growing up.

But to celebrate this in style I have a new flat, adorned with fairly lights and pastel pink everything. Clearly that means I’m growing up… NAAAT

Another aspect of this growing stuff means I finally graduated from University. Which means, going out. Which also means, getting ready! I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world who thinks often the process to prepare for an event is more exciting than the actually thing? 

I very rarely wear a full face of makeup, although it’s almost terrifying if the winged liner isn’t present. 

But, as this is the moment I stop pretending to be an adult and actually become one, I felt a full face was appropriate. 

First port of call was the base. For a fair few years now I’ve stuck to my traditions with Lush’s Colour Supplements. Based on the fact the pathetic summer we got has just finished, my skin is not as fair as it normally would be. So my colour at the moment is ‘Light Pink for the Vitamin D Vampires of the world. Unlike those cheeky olive skin lucky ones. 

I mixed this with my ‘Skin’s Shangri La moisturiser because sometimes you just need a bit of support on the moisture front. The winds are picking up and my skin really disagrees with that part of nature. Mixing these two products together make a super thick and luxurious texture which blends well and create an flawless appearance. 

Layering ‘Feeling Younger’ on top. This product saves my life when my skin or make up are a little lack lustre. It reflects the light giving the impression your cheek bones are more prominent. And, BONUS, along the top of your nose they make it seem skinnier and small which for a huge bugle like mine is totally needed. 

Next. The peepers. For my eye makeup I used the highly anticipated and widely reviewed Fleur De Force make up collection. She has released two pallets and my favourite of the two is ‘Lunar Rose’. The colours range from Rose Gold to Purple with a whole bunch of pastel Pink in the middle. Its such a comfortable powder to wear. Often I find eyeshadows to either fade or become sticky where as this was on me peepers for more than 14 hours and still looked as if i’d just applied it. 

Next was Lush’s Liquid Eyeliner in ‘Independent’. Now, you should understand that I take far too much pride and effort on the wings generally, but this eye liner goes on like silk. Highly recommend it. 

Lastly before the icing on top, Mascara. I flit between mascara’s an awful, having dark lashes naturally the colour of them isn’t much of an issue. My main focus is clumping. I find a lot of mascara’s clump far too easily. But Benefit’s ‘they’re Real!’ is fabulous. No clumping but my lashes look and feel so much longer. 

I also used Fleur’s ‘FLEUR LOVES’ lashes for an extra splash of glam. These are ¾ lashes which is brilliant for a glamorous look but not too dramatic. 

Fleur’s range on Feel Younique is brilliant for lovers of high end on a budget of high street. It’s all formulated beautifully and priced just as well. A win win in my books. Congrats De Force. 

Lastly the cherry on top of the cake is my last rave about Fleur’s range and aptly the title of this blog. 

Lucky Star

It’s a flexible and chameleon of a lippy colour. It’s got enough of an orange pigment to brighten the face but enough of the pinker purple ends to keep it grounded. The formulation is also pretty good, now sadly as strong as this collection might be it does not work miracles. 

Yes, ladies. I am speaking of the dreaded wind + gloss = ‘oh my god stupid bloody wind/hair/lippy. We all know how much of an ovary ache that is. So, I hate to inform you she hasn’t worked magic and made some kind of magnetic force that repels hair and bad kissers. But, to make up for this she has given the glosses a beautiful vanillary scent which I feel is a good compromise. 

Baring in mind, there was plenty of bubbles and sparkling drinking things around I think these products lasted marvellously. I, on the other hand. Well, we won’t speak of that. 



Spent a wonderful day with some Lily Aldridge and some Youtube vloggers for Teen Vogue during Fashion Week. Check out the series below: 




Watch on searchmeinfo.tumblr.com

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Beauty bloggers internationali si cartile lor de succes

Beauty bloggers internationali si cartile lor de succes

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Blogger– o persoana care tine un jurnal pe internet in care isi exprima impresiile si gandurile, intr-o maniera personala, despre anumite domenii sau despre viata, in general. Cum platformele de blogging sunt disponibile si gratuit, un blog este accesibil pentru oricine atat timp cat are ceva de spus. Ce fascineaza este ca bloggerii sunt persoane ca mine si ca tine, dar care au charisma,…

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