mine: abby maitland

This is a great picture for Temple Tuesday when Abby,Connor and Nick were in the church Connor started singing and Abby joined him but then Nick stopped them singing because Jenny walked in the door. This was when the team were trying to find out who was betraying them but they found out it was Oliver Leek

mctherkncwsbest  asked:

IS THAT BREA GRANT (fc chosen by player)? NO! IT’S ABBY MAITLAND THEIR FANDOM IS PRIMEVAL && IN THIS TOWN THEY WORK AS A ZOOKEEPER, THEIR HOUSE IS UNKNOWN, FOR NOW! {for the fc list: brea grant ||abby maitland || non} {original fc has low resources, also, this character will be replacing Jake Riley (jakcriley), but his account will be recycled for abby!}

&&ACCEPTED; welcome to the roleplay ABBY MAITLAND who looks like BREA GRANT from the fandom of PRIMEVAL in this town you’re assigned in the CREAM HOUSE and you’re A ZOOKEEPER.