mine rhps

                           WHATEVER HAPPENED TO FAY WRAY    –   that delicate,    satin draped frame?    as it clung to her thigh,    how i started TO CRY    !    ‘cause i wanted to be dressed just the same.    GIVE YOURSELF OVER to absolute pleasure,    swim the warm waters of SINS OF THE FLESH    ;    erotic nightmares beyond any measure,   &    sensual daydreams to treasure forever.    CAN’T YOU JUST SEE IT?


Behold: MORE various musical-themed Valentine’s Day cards!

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(None of these are mine. I found them on a Facebook thread and through many Google searches. If any of these are yours and you want them taken down, just shoot me a message. If any of these are yours and you want credit, just shoot me a message or comment on this.)

You know that Clary and Simon and Magnus introduce Alec, Jace, and Isabelle to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and all six of them go to a screening of it at a local theater in Brooklyn and they all dress up as the characters and they all sit in the front row and when asked if there are any virgins in the audience, Jace, not understanding the meaning and context of the question, grabs Alec’s hand and forces it up into the air (which causes Alec to shout over the “ow ows!” and wolf whistles, his cheeks flushed, “AS IF YOU WOULD KNOW!”, smirking at Jace’s look of horror and sending a wink to a laughing Magnus) and then Clary and Simon force Isabelle and Jace’s hands into the air and all three of them are herded onto the stage and they participate in the virgin sacrifice and after a second of confusion all three of them, even Alec in his Brad Majors costume, dive right in and have the crowd cheering and all three of them bow and run off stage and Magnus brings newspapers and rice for them to throw and Simon blushes like crazy when Isabelle offers to share her newspaper with him because they are one short and Clary and Simon screaming the call-backs at the top of their lungs and soon everyone else is yelling with them as well and when it’s time to do the Time Warp the gang stands up and rock out, laughing and singing even though they may not know all the words and Alec blurts out a “SAY IT!” while waiting for Frank N. Furter to say “….pation” and the audience goes wild and Jace starts singing, “Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me” when the time comes and everyone takes videos of him yelling, “CREATURE OF THE NIGHT!” and Magnus somehow manages to get on the stage and starts dancing and the crowd is going crazy because he’s Magnus Bane and he’s amazing and he does the splits and everyone is literally crying and he blows a kiss and sashays off to his shrieking friends.

They leave the theater when it’s over, Clary skipping in her Janet costume, Isabelle and Jace still doing the dance moves from  the Time Warp, Simon humming ”Damnit, Janet!” as Clary pulls him along on the sidewalk, and Alec and Magnus walking hand in hand, the grin on Alec’s face blinding and Magnus staring up at him warmly, his Frank N.Furter makeup a bit smudged from all the dancing and signing, but Alec thinks Magnus looks more beautiful than ever.

And suddenly, the gang hears Magnus laughing happily and they turn around to see Alec, who is usually so reserved and stoic, twirling Magnus around and singing “Hot Patootie” shamelessly, in the middle of the sidewalk at one in the morning and Alec pulls Magnus towards him until they are flush against each other and says, “Brad totally had a thing for Frank N. Furter.” and Magnus laughs and kisses him sweetly. “We certainly picked the perfect costumes then.”