mine rb

what is abuse:

  • - repetitive behavior that is specifically done to hurt you
  • - they put you down constantly
  • - they ignore you and exclude you on purpose in an attempt to control you/make you want them more
  • - guilt trips, guilt trips, guilt trips
  • - using money/physical abuse/sex/threats to control you
  • - constant calling/texting when you’re not physically with them to “check up on you” and getting violent when you dont respond
  • - threatening to commit suicide/hurt themselves or others if you leave them

what isn’t abuse:

  • - hurting you feelings once or twice and not knowing they’re doing it because you’re not expressing that you’re hurt by their actions.
  • - hanging out with another one of their friends/their romantic partners without you.
  • - breaking off a friendship/relationship to take care of their own mental health/take care of their own problems first

You guys need to learn the difference because a LOT of people on this site are throwing around the terms “abuse” and “abuser” when in reality the “abuse” and “abusers” only fit the criteria under what ISN’T abuse.