mine phantom

I'm making a broadway sex playlist help

so far I got:

Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera

As Long As You’re Mine from Wicked

Bad Idea from Waitress

Dead Girl Walking from Heathers


also i dont want hamilton bc the only option would be ‘say no to this’ and no

one song per musical pls

If I sound bitter it is because I am. This is not your problem any longer as you well recognize. Perhaps I am too much of a sentimentalist but as difficult as it would have been I would have liked to say goodbye to you in person, kiss you one last time…Sunday, as I sat on the bench in the prison yard, basking in the sun, the fear grew with each hour. What a pathetic creature I must have appeared to be. Watching, waiting. Then three o’clock arrived and three fifteen and three thirty and three fifty and finally four. I waited until the bitter end, I imagined you driving to the airport and boarding the plane just a few miles away and I was struck with the panic of a caged animal. I felt the suicidal urge to run at the barbed wire fence and run and run to say goodbye to you before the plane flew you away from me forever. Crying, trembling as the last minutes ticked away I kept pleading softly to myself, “Please, Liz, please.” Please don’t leave me this way, I thought. Sunday was the most demoralizing day of my life. Sunday I think I finally recognized how powerless and weak I am.

- A letter from Ted Bundy to Liz Kloepfer dated September 7, 1976.


Jazz Fenton prior to and during “Secret Weapons” (or as I like to call it, “the one where Jazz played Danny and Vlad and got away with it”)

But seriously, I think that everything Jazz did in this episode was intentional. She got Danny mad enough at her that she could sneak off to investigate Vlad without him noticing (Vlad was even going to buy her story when she found the lab until Danny and Skulker showed up). She probably has a flash drive hidden somewhere of some of Vlad’s business papers showing how corrupt he is and a video of him transforming for blackmail.