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I made icons in response to tumblr’s censorship of the lgbt+ community because apparently our existence is “sensitive content.”

- feel free to use them for whatever you wish!

- also send an ask if you want me to make an edit with another flag in it because I’ll do it woo


Regina Mills Appreciation Week
↳ Day 5: Favorite Platonic Relationship
Regal Believer   


Happy Blackout!!! The top photo is in honor of the  50th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party of Self Defense. The last picture was taken at the opening of the African American of History and Culture’s opening where Public Enemy, Living Colour, and The Roots performed. (Jacket by Reformed School). (Photo creds in order : @jamesjuly@36chambersof-oldirtybae, Paul Holston) (also I wear the jacket more for historical relevance than for gender)

Imagine being the female version of Peter Pan and him falling in love with you

“I love you (Y/n). How could I not?” Pan asked 

 “Demons don’t fall in love Peter Pan.” You smirked. “And villains sure as hell don’t get happy endings. I thought you out of anyone would understand.” 

 “You are mine and mine alone.” Pan states. 

 “I am no ones.” You retort

“But Peter Pan never fails my love.”

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