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“Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes (The Veiled Lodger)

Sakura Pigma Micron 005, 001,003,008, in my Fabriano Sketchbook. I really loved the composition in this scene, so this was a must for my Series 4 drawings. 

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sophie: *invades howl’s home, cleans everything without his permission, is mean to him, bullies his friends, steals his seven-league-boots, does always the exact opposite of what he says*


sophie: *messes up his hair products*


I would treasure the chance to be wrong once again;

I will never forget you.

[A pairing I adore, but since I’ve got DA:I on the PS4, I haven’t got any game mods to bring it to life. So I make do with art and writing and headcanons!]

Anyway - I’ve been so excited to post this for such a long time!

My entry for this year’s Dragon Age Big Bang. I’ve never done a BB or anything like it before, so I was very excited (and nervous) to join this one! But I love Dragon Age so much, I just knew that I had to give it a shot. A huge thanks to all the hard work the DABB mods have put into this project!

All of my awe and gratitude to the wonderful authors who chose to work with this picture, @bewareofthesea and @ageofdragon! You can find the amazing written companion pieces to this art here (bewareofthesea) and here ( AgeofDragon)! 

Masterpost link on the DABB Page: Here!


My take on some Trespasser end slides for the DA2 LI’s. 

One quick pic from today! I’m trying to work on something bigger but got forced to post this in the meanwhile.

I LOVE @toriitorii ‘s design for Mama Agreste and I’ll probably give it a real try soon. ♥ :3c


(And that’s why she left.)

what she says: i love freeze your brain

what she means: If you look at Freeze Your Brain at face value, you could easily interperet it as simply about JD’s fixation on 7/11 and his issues oversharing. But it’s really more about a place that feels normal and familiar and safe in a frightening and new situation. It’s easy to overlook this, as a lot of the song is made to be comedic. Take the lines “When mom was alive/we lived halfway normal./Now it’s just me and my dad,/we’re less formal” for example. During the musical, it’s easy to focus more on Veronica freaking out than on JD’s words and their meaning. This is done intentionally, as if to show that JD hides how hurt he is about his mother’s death with other emotions, as many people do. Towards the end, it is shown that JD uses slushies to control a possible self-harm habit and self-destructive thoughts, and that’s when the gravity of the song hits you. Despite sounding light-hearted, Freeze Your Brain is about a teenager trying to hold onto the one place that makes him feel safe and happy no matter where he is. If you consider the possibility that his mother introduced him to 7/11, it’s also about trying to recapture childhood emotions, despite the fact that so many things have changed.


I aim to make the most of it, for our nation’s sake. This isn’t the way I wanted it, but if I can use this moment to leverage respect for Atlantis in the global community…

Arthur Curry in Aquaman #16 (2017)