mine okay mine

i am curious and always searching for the otherworldly (like Alice).

i am enticed by freedom, and by finding my own individuality (like Rapunzel).

i am determined to make my dreams mean something (like Tiana).

i am confident within my soul, and proud of my background (like Esmeralda).

i am always finding my voice (like Ariel).

i am a girl who believes in her strength, and is searching first and foremost for her bravery (like Merida).

i am still believing that love is out there, and that it will surely come my way (like Aurora).

i am a warrior who strives to protect, no matter what the cost may be (like Mulan).

i am enchanted by the promise of a world where i am able to fly (like Wendy).

i do wish to be looked after, but am also a natural caregiver (like Snow White).

i am strong-willed, and believe that a woman’s choice belongs to her (like Jasmine).

and i still believe that the world can be filled with kindness, and that dreams really do come true (like Cinderella).

sometimes, i still feel as if i am waiting to be saved… and that love is the most important thing. but i also know that that someone can be me. that i can be the one to save myself. that love from others is wonderful and worth it, but that love from myself is, sometimes, even more powerful. ♡

Hey guys, just a little reminder to not tag your maladaptive daydreaming posts as ‘md’ or ‘mdd’. Those tags are used for other disorders and they’ve asked us multiple times not to use them for madd things. Thank you <3


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FIRST of all let me thank @neon-llama for giving me Sawyer!! She’s unbelievably beautiful, and I can’t wait to fuck her write her more. :) :) :)

There was only one diner in all of Willow Creek. There was only one police station in Willow Creek. There was only one small hospital, there was only one modest-sized park, one diner, one high school, and, there was only one dentist’s office.

That dentist’s office was where Kasey worked, and where she was currently late to. Since she’d slept in too late to go with her daddy on his way out for the day, she had to beg her brother to take pity on her—and to stop in at the only coffee shop in Willow Creek on the way, too.

Her treat, of course. After all, if she was already going to be late, there was really no reason why she couldn’t stop for coffee. Which meant that instead of being fifteen minutes late, she was—

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Name: neptune 🌠

Gender: female

Nickname: tune / nep / tuney / poseidon

Height: 5'0 (ngrbskgsn yes im very short i know😩)

Star Sign: gemini

Sexuality: still not sure but hmm bi for now..

Hogwarts house: slytherin 🍒

Favorite animal: deers and cats

Average sleep: hmm 4-6 hours

Dogs or cats: cats !!!!

Number of blankets: one in summer two in winter

Dream trip: malaysia / philippines / japan / turkey

Dream job: poet (lol)

When I made this account: start of 2016 i guess

Number of followers: smth in 200s

Reason for URL: i love cherries lol

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hi this is a psa that magnus loves biting alec's neck and marking him up and alec loves being marked and claimed farewell

Alright, my dude, this is seriously one of the most important concepts in the entire world to me, so I’m gonna need you to get out of my brain. You’ve written my opinion so clearly that it’s like I sent myself this message.

Alexander Gideon Lightwood is fucking obsessed with anything and everything that gives him a feeling of strong, palpable proof that Magnus wants him. Hickeys are his favorite thing in existence because that’s a *lasting* piece of proof that he can still see and feel long after the fact. And when he gets overwhelmed or when they’re apart for a long time or when he’s having trouble thinking of himself as desirable and lovable, he just has to look at all the spots where Magnus marked him, specifically because he wants Alec so much. Alec knows that Magnus loves him, and he never has any doubts about that. But he still really enjoys getting to hear it, and having little reminders for himself. He loves feeling wanted, and he loves having Magnus tell him just how much he wants him.