mine okay mine

learn to shed that which no longer serves your well-being. allow yourself the thirst to experience true change. you aren’t washed up. you aren’t unfeeling. you’ve just been through some things. i know there is still a sea of creativity and love and desire in there. these things haven’t died. you just need to let your heart open slowly again. to allow your soul to thrive once more. 


“Doc Holliday is a ‘Class A’ pain-in-the-ass. But he’s also one of the most loyal, solid, and fierce men I’ve ever met. Yeah, he can be a polecat sometimes, but he’s a changed man. He’s redeemed himself many times over, and I’m proud to call this man my brother.”

I chose Kota’s name for this passage exactly.
(I named her after a Coda in music)

Anyway just a little background.
And that’s exactly her purpose.
I guess it makes sense after the story is over.
I had this in mind the entire time. I have a lot of background things in mind at all times lol.