mine nathan

okay but why isn’t anyone talking about how the true antagonist of aftg was, from the start to finish, neil’s father?

riko??? that motherfucker was a pest. a huge, rich, entitled pest that could make you bleed, but a pest nonetheless. neil would gladly crush him under his boot if he had a chance. the second nathan appears everything gets hundred times more tragic because we, the readers who’ve grown to love neil josten, have been on this wild ride that is him trying to outrun his past, have been running along with him, and when he inevitably gets confronted with it all in the worst way possible… [cue screaming noises].

nathan is the true evil of the book, because of his inevitability. because neil had some weird ass illusion that he could stand up against the moriyamas, that andrew might protect him from the fucking yakuza (and if not he would give them a piece of his mind anyway), but never had he thought about the possibility of disregarding his father. mary had ingrained in neil’s mind that nathan is the ultimate enemy that would chase them forever and that there’s no coming back from this. nathan was a threat hanging over the horizon from the start and has never ceased to be one.

so, yeah, compared to a man who wants to kill you, period, moriyamas as a whole aren’t that scary. because killers you can reason with will always be less dangerous than killers who do things for a thrill. ichirou could be reasoned with, and in the end, he picked money.

and riko? you call him an anime villain, but if he were a villain in anybody’s life, it would be kevin’s. for neil he’s a dumb fuck who dug himself a grave. and once the true villain ceased to exist, neil could already take care of that.


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