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In which somehow they got their hands on a functioning old world TV and vhs or dvds and Furiosa is totally not buying this horror movie at all, NOPE she’s just being considerate to Max who clearly is the distressed one. Max is not going to argue.

Number 12 for Prompts.


Have you ever had that feeling when you can’t stop smiling? Your heart pounds inside your chest. You try to stand, but your knees become weak. And then that Little Red-Haired Girl glances at you and all of life’s possibilities become so clear. And then you realize…she has no idea you’re alive

The Peanuts Movie (2015)


get to know me meme: [1/?] favorite animated movies → moana (2016) “In the beginning there was only ocean until the Mother Island emerged. Te Fiti. Her heart held the greatest power ever known. It could create life itself. And Te Fiti shared it with the world. But in time, some began to seek Te Fiti’s heart. They believed if they could possess it, the great power of creation would be theirs. And one day, the most daring of them all voyaged across the vast ocean to take it. He was a demi-god of the wind and sea. He was a warrior. A trickster. A shapeshifter who could change form with the power of his magical fishhook. And his name was Maui.”