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Munakata Reisi (K Project)

Image drawn as on-site commission for Admin Satomi (@shy-megane-otaka​)at
CosMania 2017 by artist MK (FB page: nisemonomk DA page: lazymk)
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“[People Magazine] asked people to recreate scenes from famous movies in a photo. They asked Andy Samberg and I if we wanted to recreate a scene from a movie like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and we said that sounds great, but we’d rather do a scene from E.T. You might be like, "How could you and Andy do that; one of those is a child and one of those is an alien! Well, I feel like we nailed it.” - Seth Meyers

Radiation on the left and Dracs on the right. You might as well party if you won’t make it though the night. So come on, fallout girls and bunker boys. Let’s pretend for the night like we have a choice.

Tear up the TV Diner (out in Zone 5) with someone you wouldn’t mind spending your last moments with.