mine miscellaneous

  • Bokuto: HOO are we facing next?
  • Bokuto: Wow! They look TALONted!
  • Bokuto: Well if we're ever in a tough spot gimme a HOOT. OWL serve up some nice spikes so we can have a FLIGHTing chan-
  • Akaashi: *chucks ball at Bokuto*
  • Bokuto: *fading voice* OWL be baaaack....
  • Kuroo: Are you FELINE okay Bokuto? That looks like quite the CATostraphe. But that truly was a CLAWsome throw. Some may even say PURRfect.
  • Kenma: *throws ball at Kuroo*

{— shadowhunter essentials gif hunt —}

Under the cut, you will find #151 miscellaneous gifs associated with the half-human, half-angel Shadowhunters race. This gif hunt includes gifs of their general appearance, weapons, runes, fighting gifs, etc. Some gifs are faceless, though not all of them. I apologize for any possible repeats. None of these gifs are mine but feel free to message me if you want your gifs to be removed. I will make more of these hunts if you guys appreciate them. Please like and/or reblog if you found this useful!

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