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Under the cut, you will find #151 miscellaneous gifs associated with the half-human, half-angel Shadowhunters race. This gif hunt includes gifs of their general appearance, weapons, runes, fighting gifs, etc. Some gifs are faceless, though not all of them. I apologize for any possible repeats. None of these gifs are mine but feel free to message me if you want your gifs to be removed. I will make more of these hunts if you guys appreciate them. Please like and/or reblog if you found this useful!

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SNK Actor AU Names and Headcanons

Before anything else, what you read next is entirely my own opinion. I will not attempt to change your own opinion, and please do not attempt to change mine.

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Miscellaneous Headcanons

  • Pretty much everyone involved with the filming- from actors to casting directors to the guys who make the weapons, has played a Titan at some point during the film. 
  • Hajime Isayama laughed his ass off when he was told who was playing Levi
  • Kid Eren is played by Hanji’s son, Alexander, and Kid Mikasa is played by Hanji’s daughter, Louise. Kid Armin is played by Reiner’s little brother Christian.
  • After the main roles, everyone was cast by “I know a guy who knows a guy know knows a guy who knows a guy who would be perfect for this part”. And it actually worked pretty much perfectly.

Eren Jaeger-  Edmund Schultz

  • Edmund only tried out for the part because his girlfriend convinced him it was a good idea. His girlfriend also got a part.
  • Edmund is  natural with the crowd. He’s actually a huge sweetheart who loves kittens and reading and the Internet. He’s in charge of running the official blog for Attack on Titan and is most definitely a fan favorite.

Mikasa Ackerman- Erato Katsaros

  • Erato is only half Japanese. The rest of her is Greek. Her father is Greek and her mother is Japanese.
  • When she talks, she has such a heavy accent that she has to always use her Mikasa voice while around people other than her parents. Otherwise, no-one would understand a single word she was saying. She has to speak in an American accent the whole time.
  • Her hair is naturally curly, almost insanely so. The fact that she never combs it if she can help it isn’t helping matters at all. The makeup/hair team spends easily an hour every day on her hair to make it look at least halfway decent before actually getting to making it look picture perfect.

Armin Arlert- Gabriel Lewis

  • Gabriel has to wear lifts in his shoes because he’s just barely too short to be Armin. Because otherwise, Gabriel hasn’t hit his growth spurt yet and is still the same height as Desiree. They have actually switched parts and no-one noticed for three scenes.

Levi Rivaille- Selena Sullivan

  • Since Levi’s character is so hard to portray in terms of all those hidden emotions and such- not to mention the height, the casting directors were unable to find a man capable of properly portraying Levi. They had to settle for a short, sassy, 19-year-old French girl.
  • Selena is one of those people whose hair grows at a ridiculous rate. She would have to get it cut every day before filming could start. Before she was cast, her hair went down to her knees. She said she grew it in about three months from a pixie cut. Her hair grows just less than an inch a week if left uncut.

Christa Lentz- Desiree Lewis

  • Desiree Lewis is the twin sister of Gabriel Lewis, who plays Armin. The two of them constantly cause trouble on set (pranks, mean jokes, the works). The director hates them.

Jean Kirchstein- JamieJones

  • Jamie is a Welsh boy who goes to the same high school as the Lewis siblings. For about a month, he dated Helena, but in the end she told him to just stop lying to himself and just ask out Gabriel instead (It worked, and Jamie and Gabriel have been dating ever since).

Marco Bodt- Martin Brandon

  • Not to be confused with Brendon Marten, which many people have done. No-one is ever quite sure whether to call them by their last names or their first names, because either way they could get mixed up. A lot of people just call them ‘Marco’ and 'Reiner’ or ease confusion.
  • Since his on-screen death, he has played several extras (In heavy make-up and prosthetics so that he wouldn’t be recognised)

Reiner Braun- Brendon Marten

  • Brendon originally tried out to play Hannes, but was pulled out of the Hannes-hopefuls and told that he was the perfect Reiner and signed on the next day.

Ymir- Eva Carlton

  • Eva as Ymir is one of those rare occasions where you have an actor who barely even has to act when playing their character. The only difference in personality between Eva and Ymir is that Ymir is in love with Christa, while Eva only sees Desiree as a friend.

Bertholdt Huber- Tristan Hoover

  • In real life, Tristan has the most vibrant red hair you will ever see, almost to the point where it seems dyed. He keeps it in a buzz-cut, which was very fortunate for the makeup crew who had to put on a slightly longer (and much darker) wig so that he looked the part.
  • His nose and height are real though.

Annie Leonhardt- Helena Lewis

  • Helena is the older sister of Gabriel and Desiree, who play Armin and Christa
  • Her nose isn’t actually as big as Annie’s, so they have to use a prosthetic nose. But she was so good at playing the part, they cast her anyways. Behind the scenes, she’s a huge sweetheart who gets along wonderfully with Selena.

Petra Ral- Andrea Trent

  • Andrea is a loner most of the time, preferring the company of her plants. She and Franklin- who plays Auruo, have been dating since high school (The two of them just finished up with their Bachelor’s degrees in Botany and Biology, respectively).

Auruo Bozado- Franklin Knox

  • Franklin- known as Knoxie to his friends and Frank to Andrea, was immediately cast as Auruo when he walked into auditions and promptly, and accidentally, bit his tongue while talking. Biting his tongue was a normal thing, and it was hard for him to get used to having to speak with his mouth so wide as Auruo does and still successfully bite his tongue in every scene.

Hanji Zoe- Erica Pierce

  • Erica Pierce is an American single mother of two. Her husband served in the military and was killed in action, leaving Erica to look after their six-year-old son and daughter on her own. She was in several minor theatre productions in an effort to keep her children away from Child Services- which she did successfully. Her children- now ten, are allowed to be behind the camera as long as they’re quiet. More often than not, they do homework while waiting for their mother to finish filming for the day. They live not half an hour from the studio, and their school is only a ten minute walk. 

Erwin Smith- Sean Lewis

  • Sean Lewis is the father of Helena, Gabriel, and Desiree, who respectively portray Annie, Armin, and Christa. Mrs. Lewis had jokingly dared her husband and children to try out for Attack on Titan, and didn’t expect them all to actually try out, much less all get the parts they tried out for.

Sasha Braus- Eleanor Spears

  • Eleanor is a Scottish girl who had recently moved to Edinburgh from the countryside, and had gone to a park only to be dragged down to auditions by her new best friend/ new neighbor Sebastian, who she got along famously with.
  • Eleanor is actually the kind of person who will forget to eat for three days in a row if she’s left to her own devices, and once went a week without eating at all. She’s eaten herself nearly to death since starting on production, because Sasha eats about ten times as much in a day as Eleanor does in three.

Connie Springer- Sebastian Elkins

  • Sebastian dragged his neighbor, Eleanor, to auditions when he heard that they were doing auditions in a nearby studio. He and Eleanor skipped into auditions with their arms linked and were immediately cast.

“In honor of the Olympics being held in England, I’m going to eat this entire steamed tray of sausages and potatoes.”