mine mine mine all mine so happy


Let’s just say he had some help.


“My motivation might seem trivial compared to yours, But I can’t lose, either. I have to live up to the hopes of those who supported me. That declaration of war you gave earlier… I’ll return that. I will beat you, too!

jack: ha. haha. 

marty: you say something, kid? 

jack: ha. oh nothing. just thinking about something funny bittle said yesterday. 

marty: oh okay. 



jack: haha. 


jack: *ahem* haHa. 

marty, knowing the storm he’s about to release and praying to all the higher powers that there are: what did he say 

jack: okay so we were at my apartment and we had just finished dinner and we were watching masterchef and this one guy has a hat and wait haha i have to go back bittle has this thing about hats so 

marty: *staring into the camera like jim on the office*


All the years of running, no, not anymore.

this probably sounds stupid and way too sappy but like i am so incredibly proud of josh and tyler??? knowing that they started with almost nothing and have tirelessly worked their way up to the top- to the fucking grammys is so inspiring to me?? it gives me this sense of hope, almost. they’re living proof that you can dig yourself out of even the deepest hole and overcome what seems like the impossible. i don’t really know where i’m going with this, but all i really wanna say is that i’m so happy for tyler and josh. they’ve accomplished so much in such a short amount of time and that, in my opinion, is extremely admirable. 


Zack Merrick Birthday Countdown: 0 days to go  🎉🎉 😍 (click for high res)
Happiest of birthdays Zack Merrick. You’re still the same crazy, sweet guy. During the past 10 years, we have seen you grow not only muscle wise but talent wise as well. However, you still remain as the same guy who finds time to do his own things, teases his band members mainly Jack every day, plays the bass and skateboards to his hearts content and yet wants everything to work out perfectly at the end of the day. You manage to bring a smile to so many people’s faces every single day. On this day, I would like to thank your parents for raising such a great person. Please stay happy and healthy and may all wonderful things come your way. We love you. ☆ ☆