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speaking of bottom!harry, is he ever going to have both merlin and eggsy fucking him? harry politely wants to know.

“Darling,” Harry says, breathless and shivering, when Eggsy gets home from his Lisbon mission. The light from the hallway streaking into the bedroom makes his face glow, vivid and golden like something painted by Rossetti.

Beneath him, hands possessive on Harry’s shifting hips, Merlin greets Eggsy with a tired smile. “Take over so I can sleep,” he says. “Someone’s feeling awfully needy tonight.”

“Someone encourages that and fucking spoils him,” Eggsy says sternly. He doesn’t bother to undress, just unbuttons his trousers and watches Harry’s starving eyes trace the downward line of hair on his belly. “Room for one more?”