mine is the fury

Dear Sarah J Maas,

Thank you for giving us characters:

  • Who  have periods
  • Who have flashbacks
  • Who have nightmares
  • Who have intimacy issues
  • Who have physical disabilities
  • Who try to be happy despite trauma but don’t always succeed and that’s okay
  • Who have periods
  • Who have non-stigmatized, non-abusive sexual encounters with loving partners
  • Who have healthy sexual encounters even after sexual trauma
  • Who have to come to terms with the blurred lines of abuse over time rather than “just knowing”
  • Who fall out of love
  • Who have multiple relationships in their lifetimes
  • Who take time to get over a serious relationship before being able to jump into a new one
  • Who have to train and work in order to be fit and in shape
  • Who have a complicated relationship with their families
  • Who make mistakes, even mistakes that negatively affect the lives of innocent people, but who still try to be good
  • Who are badass women
  • and who are badass men.

…we entered a round chamber at the top of a tower. A circular table of black stone occupied the center, while the largest stretch of interrupted gray stone wall was covered in a massive map of our world. 

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

I’m not saying Morrigan, Queen of the Court of Nightmares, Queen of the Court of Dreams, runner of Velaris and the Hewn City, Third in Command, member of the Inner Circle, a survivor, referred to as the Morrigan, dreamer born in the Court of Nightmares, and fought full on with Amren and survived, is my wife, but that is exactly what I’m saying.